Gun Rights Groups to Hold Fake Mass Shooting at UT This Weekend

Ashley Feinberg · 12/09/15 02:40PM

Multiple gun rights groups will be joining together this weekend for a mock mass shooting on the University of Texas campus, an event complete with cardboard guns, crisis actors, and fake blood. Now, what could this possibly accomplish?, a reasonable person might be wondering. But as one of the protestors told “We love freedom, and we’re trying to make more freedom.”

Concealed Weapons Likely Coming to All Texas Universities

Allie Jones · 05/27/15 07:50AM

Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives rushed to approve a “campus carry” measure last night that will allow students at the state’s public and private universities to carry concealed weapons in classrooms, buildings, and even dorms. The bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Allen Fletcher, said the measure would address crime on campus.