Survivalism Is the New Urbanism

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/09 12:42PM

The Way We Live Now: Not the way you think. It's not a pay cut; it's the new work-sharing. It's not stealing; it's the new honesty. It's not homelessness; it's the new camping.

Barry Diller: No Longer Bullish on Camping

cityfile · 01/23/09 02:38PM

Despite the fact it's a subject that is undoubtedly very close to his heart, we regret to inform you that Barry Diller will no longer be providing the public with advice on where to park their RVs or pitch their tents: Diller's IAC announced today that it's selling off its campground information site ReserveAmerica. Makes sense to us: We can't imagine Diane was ever any good at hunting down deer and finding sources of fresh drinking water. [Crain's]