Hamilton Nolan · 06/23/16 03:29PM

In Washington, DC, where 37% of residents are white, 62% of donors to the last mayoral race were white. In Chicago, where 39% of residents are white, 94% of donors to Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign were white.

Campaign Finance Reform Is Going Backwards

Hamilton Nolan · 12/11/14 09:40AM

If America ever wants to shed our cynical, accurate view of our political system being solely a game for the rich, we must—must!—reform the way we finance political campaigns. This week, Congress is determined to take a big step in the wrong direction.

New York State Politicians Are Still For Sale

Hamilton Nolan · 12/08/14 11:30AM

Grim-face political celebukid and New York governor Andrew Cuomo has long vowed that he wants to reform the corrupt political cesspool that is Albany. How's that going?

No Matter Who Wins, Money Wins

Hamilton Nolan · 11/04/14 12:18PM

It is election day, when we celebrate the uniquely American system of democracy, in which every single dollar gets a vote.

Without Campaign Finance Reform, Nothing Changes

Hamilton Nolan · 09/12/14 10:57AM

If we ever hope to be a truly fair representative democracy, we need to have campaign finance reform. The Republicans in the Senate have just blocked a proposed Constitutional amendment that might help do that. In America, the money owns the people. Not the other way around.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/10/14 09:48AM

Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, who has launched a PAC with the ironic but noble goal of getting money out of politics, will be joining us at 12 noon today to answer your questions about effective democracy and campaign finance reform. Start thinking.