Congress Honors Trump

Alex Pareene · 08/03/16 05:05PM

As unearthed by The Hollywood Reporter, there exists a (supposed) genuine Donald Trump handprint, at Madame Tussaud’s in New York. They have helpfully mocked up a life-sized printable replica. It now hangs in a bathroom inside the Rayburn House Office Building, as you can see in this photograph provided to Gawker by a Congressional staffer who works in the building.

It Couldn't Possibly Matter Less if Susan Sarandon Doesn't Vote For Hillary Clinton

Alex Pareene · 03/29/16 03:21PM

Table tennis semipro and cannabis enthusiast Susan Sarandon is among the most prominent celebrity endorsers of Bernie Sanders, which makes her public statements matters of great import to political commentators, columnists, and assigning editors. Today, everyone is mad because she said she’d support Trump if Hillary Clinton won the nomination.

At AIPAC, Clinton Attacks One Race-Baiting Demagogue, Invites Another to the White House

Alex Pareene · 03/21/16 02:30PM

Speaking today at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the largest and most influential organization in the so-called Israel lobby, likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton drew a sharp contrast between her own position on the American-Israeli relationship and that of another politician whose more realist approach had won him few fans in the room: President Barack Obama.

Hero Throws Tomato at Donald Trump

Gabrielle Bluestone · 01/27/16 02:25PM

Last night’s Donald Trump rally was interrupted by a splattered tomato, a term which is, perhaps for the first time, not being used in reference to Trump’s appearance.

Sarah Palin an Apparent No-Show at Iowa Trump Rally

Gabrielle Bluestone · 01/20/16 11:33AM

According to Donald Trump’s schedule, Trump and Sarah Palin are currently headlining a rally in Norwalk, IA. But according to reporters on the scene, Palin is nowhere to be found.

"Thrifty" Marco Rubio Always Flies Coach (Except When He Takes Private Jets)

Gabrielle Bluestone · 01/07/16 09:25AM

You might be forgiven for imagining Marco Rubio waiting patiently at the gate for his boarding group to be called. Will his carry-on bag fit in the overhead compartment? Will they let him board even though his bulky one personal item looks like it’s holding quite a few pairs of high-heeled boots? We may never know, because Marco “I Always Fly Coach” Rubio is reportedly all about the private jet these days.