Your Internship Has Been Turned Into a Publicity Stunt

cityfile · 12/17/08 11:13AM

It's never been tougher for young New Yorkers trying to break into the media business: No one is hiring, of course, and to make matters worse, you now not only have to compete with children of the rich and prominent for unpaid internships, but with actual grown-up celebrities attempting to grab a bit of cheap publicity.

"NY Girl of My Dreams" Update: Fashion Icon!

Sheila · 07/28/08 11:08AM

You just heard about the breakup of Vimeo kid Patrick Moberg's famed subway crush with New York Girl of His Dreams Camille Hayton. But! She's ridden her 15 minutes past Good Morning America to the fashion pages of Bust magazine. Well, she does have great personal style! The articles lists her as an "actress/crafter" and makes no mention of subway l-u-v. Well, that's what we're here for!

Tragic "NY Girl Of My Dreams" Breakup Confirmed

Ryan Tate · 07/28/08 03:20AM

The passive-aggressive love story of Vimeo employee Patrick Moberg and his subway crush, Camille Hayton, has drawn to a close. The couple, you'll recall, met after Moberg spotted Hayton on the subway, then used his website to solicit help tracking her down. Romance bloomed, or seemed to. Rumors later swirled about a breakup, but then the couple was in a magazine for olds inspiring everyone with their love. But then someone ran into Hayton while she was waitressing and asked her about being the subway girl and she was all, "that was SUCH a long time ago" in her Australian accent. It sounded like a bad sign and, as it turns out, it was.

Patrick Moberg selling NYGirlofmydreams movie rights

Nicholas Carlson · 11/16/07 06:49PM

A source tells us that Vimeo's Patrick Moberg is in talks to sell the movie rights to the story of how he met Blackbook intern Camille Hayton through The pair were last seen at a CollegeHumor party, ducking out early. No word yet on whether Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have been contacted about possible roles. Patrick Moberg is almost certainly wearing a hoodie at this very moment.

Emily Gould · 11/16/07 04:40PM

College Humor threw a party last night, but we weren't invited! Tear. However, a spy informs us that theee hot couple of the moment, subway stalker Patrick Moberg and BlackBook intern Camille Hayton, were in attendance. Though they ducked out early! "They didn't look really happy. In fact he was kind of towing her behind him. Leaving before things got going ... the party started at 8:15? They were leaving at 8:45? Of course she had a flower in her hair and he was wearing the same damn hoodie." God, what a fake relationship. They are like the Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal of the internet.

Patrick Moberg And Camille Hayton Go On 'GMA' To Viral-Market Love

Emily Gould · 11/09/07 12:20PM

This week has been totally "surreal" for flower-wearing Aussie intern Camille Hayton. First her apartment burned to the ground, forcing her to wear one of her mom's dresses to this morning's "Good Morning America" taping. Then Vimeo employee Patrick Moberg saw her on the subway and made a website about it, but though the site quickly became a "worldwide internet sensation," it didn't come to her attention, she said, until someone "that I work with at BlackBook" mentioned it to her. They met last night for coffee and "totally clicked," so, in spite of Patrick's online avowal that "you'll have to make up your own ending for this," they went on national TV this morning to... show the world that you should believe in flowers and rainbows and romance? Or: To raise the profiles of their employers, Vimeo and BlackBook—or their own brands? We'd like to posit that believing the latter theory doesn't make you a cold-hearted cynic so much as it makes you a sentient human being.

Patrick Moberg's "Dream Girl" Is A Homeless Immigrant

Joshua Stein · 11/08/07 03:40PM

Just as the love story between illustrator Patrick Moberg and his now-identified mysterious subway love interest winds its way to its cloying and crushing denouement, "The Morning Show" announced that the young subway-taker's house just burned down. Also, Camille Hayton, as Moberg's crush is named, is Australian. As we knew, she's an intern. (This is like three strikes in our book but whatever.) Also, though this isn't addressed, the only extent picture of her is one in which she clutches a white rose in her teeth, which is just odd.