Charges Dropped Against Kid Who Rapped About the Boston Bombing

Camille Dodero · 06/28/13 05:14PM

Cameron D'Ambrosio spent more than 30 days in jail for a Facebook post. On May 1, the high-school senior from Methuen, Massachusetts was playing hooky when he posted rap lyrics that referenced the Boston Marathon bombing and called the White House a "federal house of horror." His school contacted the local cops, who arrested the kid and charged him with "terroristic threats," a felony punishable for up to 20 years in prison.

Teen Rapper Jailed for Facebooking Boston Bombing Lyrics Released

Camille Dodero · 06/07/13 02:01PM

Cameron D’Ambrosio is the Massachusetts teenager and amateur rapper who was rather outrageously charged with terroristic threats last month after referencing the Boston Marathon Bombing in lyrics he’d posted on Facebook. On Wednesday, a Grand Jury declined to indict D’Ambrosio; yesterday, the high-school senior was finally released to his family on his own personal recognizance. This was after the 18-year-old spent more than a month locked up and less than 10 days after a Massachusetts Superior Court judge denied a bail request.

Kid Who Rapped About "Marathon Bombing" Now Faces Terrorism Charges

Camille Dodero · 05/02/13 11:29AM

That's Cameron D'Ambrosio in the photo above, flashing cash that, all told, probably totals $100. An 18-year-old pale goof from Methuen, Massachusetts, "Killa" Cam goes to the local public high school, plays videogames, and harbors rap dreams. His YouTube channel hosts two relatively recent videos of his musical exercises, one of which has "CammyDee" practicing lines about reefer, doubters ("chomping on you haters like an alligator"), and suburban ennui (he rhymes "Don't know what I'm doing" with "Living in Methuen").