Watch a KFC Employee Completely Lose It

Matt Cherette · 01/04/11 03:31PM

The lesson of this video—taken by a customer at KFC—is that one of the fast food chain's employees really, really, REALLY does not want to be recorded. And when he is recorded, he completely loses it. Watch inside.

Introducing The Free High Five Cam

Sarah Prial · 12/08/10 10:27AM

It's kind of creepy, kind of scary but totally awesome. Follow the free high five cam and its stalwart leader as he high fives random passerby. Including Cookie Monster. Buckle up and reinforce your wrist before clicking through.

More Cameras than Liberals at Ground Zero Protest

Annie Fleming · 09/13/10 03:10PM

You've seen footage of the ground zero protests, but you may not have seen the incredible number of cameras used to document the demonstrations. From still to video to even a 16mm film camera, check out what's behind the scenes.

Toshiba's Space Chair Project Sends a Chair 98,268 Feet into the Air

Whitney Jefferson · 02/18/10 02:42PM

Advertisers go to great lengths—or in this case, heights—to produce high-quality commercials that move consumers. Toshiba UK tied a chair to a balloon with an HD camera and sent it into space, becoming the highest HD commercial ever.