The 10 Kinds of Television Cameos

Mike Byhoff · 03/22/10 11:45AM

The cameo is one of television's oldest tricks to drum-up interest for a show. But not all cameos are created equal. Inside, a list of the kinds of cameos, why they exist, and just how effective they are.

STV · 11/18/08 06:47PM

CSI: Diddy. CBS announced today that Sean Combs has agreed to a two-episode guest-starring stint on CSI: Miami, in which the versatile rapper/mogul/actor "will portray a prosecutor who doesn't get along with police Lt. Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso." Little else was disclosed about his appearance beyond a note that Diddy's episodes will air in mid-winter before his character is vanquished in short order in a dramatic, best-of-five, shades-shedding duel with Caruso. [AP]

On Brett Ratner's Uncomplicated Love Of A Sweet Ass

mark · 05/22/07 12:38PM

We weren't even going to mention Brett Ratner's appearance on Sunday night's episode of Entourage, so disappointed were we that the lovable, attention-craving fauxteur was unable to live up to the standard of hacky-director-cameo excellence set by Crash's Paul Haggis last season. But today's Gatecrasher column notes that Ratner's gently self-satirizing turn accurately mimics his real-life shoot etiquette (we can't recall the exact wording of his most notable line, but we remember it involved the appreciation of a model's ass), forcing us to revisit our letdown: