California's Rowdy Bernie Crowd Might Get Loud Again Tonight 

Andy Cush · 07/26/16 04:43PM

Bernie-supporting delegates were out in full force during the Democratic National Convention speeches last night. Over the telecast, it was easy to hear boos and chants of “we can’t trust her” during pro-Hillary speeches. I wasn’t on the floor, but I’d heard that a small crowd of California delegates were delivering the loudest jeers. Bernie was even booed by a crowd of his own California supporters when he urged them to back Hillary. This afternoon, a few delegates from the state said they might deliver a similar protest tonight.

Federal Court Upholds California Law Banning Concealed Carry

Brendan O'Connor · 06/10/16 07:45AM

On Thursday, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Americans do not have a constitutional right to carry concealed guns in public. “The 2nd Amendment may or may not protect to some degree a right of a member of the general public to carry a firearm in public,” Judge William A. Fletcher wrote for the majority. “If there is such a right, it is only a right to carry a firearm openly.”

The Sanders Campaign Is Dead, Long Live the Sanders Revolution

Garrett Kamps · 06/08/16 10:20AM

San Francisco’s Crissy Field is a treeless stretch of grass nestled in the armpit of the Golden Gate Bridge. The setting is picturesque, but the location—foggy, windswept, inaccessible—sucks. This did not stop Senator Bernie Sanders from summoning his supporters there on Monday, for what would turn out to be the last night, indeed, the last few minutes, during which the Vermont senator still had a shred of an excuse to remain hopeful about his prospects.

Which Long-Shot, Looney-Tunes California Senate Candidate Should You Vote For?

Kelly Stout · 06/06/16 05:30PM

Tuesday is the California primary, wherein Golden State voters will be asked to pick a replacement for long-beloved and mostly normal outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer. With the primary comes the Official Voter Information Guide and Candidate Statements, which is a perennially fun read, since California primary candidates are among our nation’s weirdest. (Starchild is one candidate for public office in California that only mid-aughts kids with an interest in municipal politics will remember.)

Donald Trump Points Out the Single Black Person At His Rally

Jordan Sargent · 06/03/16 05:20PM

Today in Redding, Calif. Donald Trump rambled, as he does, about the tenor of his campaign. He was responding to the intense rioting between protestors and his supporters that took place in San Jose last night. In the middle of his nearly endless spiel, Trump began talking about an incident that happened in Tucson in March, in which protestors wearing white KKK hoods were beaten by a black member of the crowd.