Caleigh Perelman Passes On Vacation With Mom

cityfile · 08/01/08 05:30AM
  • Caleigh Perelman is still refusing to talk to her mom Pat Duff, or even go on vacation with her. Now a judge is warning Ron Perelman not to interfere with their phone calls and visits. He also ordered Caleigh to undergo a psychological evaluation before the couple return to court next month. [NYDN]

The Battle for Caleigh Perelman, 2008 Edition

cityfile · 06/24/08 11:00AM

Ron Perelman and Pat Duff have returned to familiar territory: They're back in court and at each other's throats. Parties to what may be the nastiest divorce in New York history—they racked up an estimated $15 million in legal expenses between the two of them in the mid-'90s and the case took nearly two years to resolve—the duo returned to Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday to bicker over their daughter, Caleigh. It seems Caleigh, who is 13, wants to stay with her dad and end her weekend visits with mom; her court-appointed attorney also sought an order of protection against Duff, claiming Duff subjected her daughter to "abuse," although he didn't specify what sort. (A strict diet perhaps?)