Exploding Stars: Your New Cure for Osteoporosis

Max Read · 05/20/10 03:11AM

Astronomers have found a kind of supernova that barfs calcium as it dies, and think such supernovae could be behind the abundance of calcium in our universe. No word on if they're better than Tums, or what. [LAT]

Milk Destroys Witches, PMS

Hamilton Nolan · 03/20/08 01:41PM

Sometimes subtle innuendo is called for in advertising; and if they can't master the "subtle" part, it just gets too weird to watch. Like this (Spanish, subtitled) ad for milk. There's a witch, see, that comes to town once a month, if you get our drift. The witch is like, a woman acting pissy once a month, see what we're saying? Okay. But then she drinks milk and her witchery is cured, because milk cures PMS. Could have used quite a bit more subtlety. Also, milk cures PMS, really? Click the clip to watch the crazy calcium claims. [via AdScam]