American Hero Arrested After Stealing Free Cakes

Caity Weaver · 04/08/13 02:54PM

When most of us want to double down on free samples, we resort to trickery out of cowardice. We accept one mini hot dog, duck down another aisle, swap coats with a friend, put our hair in a ponytail, take off our glasses, then go back and accept another yelling, "OH, A FREE SAMPLE? WOW, I WONDER IF I WILL LIKE IT. HMM…INTERESTING TASTE. TAKING MY MOUTH A WHILE TO GET USED TO THIS NEW TASTE. VERY CRAZY. VERY DIFFERENT."

This Cake Comes With Exploding Airbag Stuffing

Brian Barrett · 12/08/10 09:04AM

There are pranks, and then there are pranks that could cause irreparable bodily harm. Hiding an airbag under layers of goopy cake frosting and exploding it in your friend's face is definitely the latter. It's also really fun!