An Austrian Baker Did 9/11 (as a Cake)

Jay Hathaway · 05/01/15 01:10PM

This 9/11 cake was created by Austrian baker Thomas Kienbauer as a metaphor for the current state of Vienna politics. In this metaphor, the Twin Towers of cake represent the ruling coalition Kienbaeur opposes, and the planes represent various fringe parties he apparently supports. (It is not a very good metaphor.)

Thatz Not Okay: Can I Make All My Recipes Secret Recipes?

Caity Weaver · 04/14/14 01:34PM

I made my husband a birthday party and invited his friends and colleagues. I prepared a bunch of my best dishes including a chocolate cake I have perfected for the past 4 years from various recipes. Now let me tell you about the cake: It's perfection, moist, rich and the frosting achieved the delicate balance for it to be delicious to chocoholics and those of us that aren't. Everyone went crazy for it and now my husband asked me to give him my recipe to pass it to the wife of a colleague. Normally I wouldn't mind—I've given my recipes to people in his office—but this lady rubs me off the wrong way. Ever since I met her there's something about her I can't explain that makes me dislike her very much and I can't imagine she cares that much about me given that we have barely spoken and are not even Facebook friends. So now I don't want to give her my recipe since she didn't even bother asking me personally, but my husband says I'm being childish and should just share it. Is that okay?

This Cake Comes With Exploding Airbag Stuffing

Brian Barrett · 12/08/10 09:04AM

There are pranks, and then there are pranks that could cause irreparable bodily harm. Hiding an airbag under layers of goopy cake frosting and exploding it in your friend's face is definitely the latter. It's also really fun!

This Is a Cake With Pies Baked Inside of It

Max Read · 10/08/10 02:48AM

Ever think, "cake is pretty good, but it would be way better if it had pies inside of it"? This is that cake: The Pumpple, consisting of apple and pumpkin pies "baked inside layers of chocolate and vanilla cake."

How to Make an 80s Cake—Complete with a Keytar

Whitney Jefferson · 07/26/10 09:10PM

An 80's cover band commissioned Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro to make a cake that was representative of the decade. The following clips show the step-by-step process that employees of Carlo's Bake Shop took to make it.

Gravity Is Fake But Cake Is All Too Real

Hamilton Nolan · 07/13/10 04:11PM

Gravity controversy! Fecal news! Fatty cake brain! Shady brainy babies! Lottery science magic! Shirts, singing! Who knows what secrets the universe holds? The Tuesday Science Watch does! Because we watch your science—clad in pop tune follicles!

Cake Boss, Season Three Premieres Tonight

Whitney Jefferson · 05/31/10 12:00PM

In the case that you didn't shovel in a ton of food on this Memorial Day, you can feed your need for cake tonight on TLC. Cake Boss is back with an episode that celebrates the bakery's 100th anniversary.