Scores Dead in Egypt after Army Opens Fire on Protestors

Max Read · 07/08/13 07:23AM

Late-night violence at the site of a sit-in held by supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi left at least 42 dead—nearly all protesters—and over 300 wounded, and led the right-wing Salafist party Al Nour to suspend its participation in the army's "roadmap" for transition.

U.S. Embassy in Cairo Deletes Twitter Account After Linking to Daily Show Clip

Taylor Berman · 04/03/13 09:19PM

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo could use a good social media editor after two disastrous days on Twitter. The embassy's problems began Tuesday, when they (or whoever is in charge of their Twitter account) tweeted a link to The Daily Show's passionate defense of "Egypt's Jon Stewart" Bassem Youseff, who was arrested last weekend for insulting President Mohamed Morsi and Islam. That tweet didn't go over well with the offices of Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dispatches From Cairo: Egypt's Gangsta Kittens

Animal New York · 11/30/12 06:15PM

They roam the toughest streets of Cairo without fear, beg for food, get into fights, run from tear gas shells, and if you stare at them, they stare right back. No, we're not just talking about Egypt's youthful protesters, we're talking about the country's feral cats. There's thousands of these urban felines wandering around the city and like everyone else, they hustle to survive. Here's a photo tribute to these furry badasses below and more in the gallery above. They're everywhere!

Today in Tahrir Square: Teargas Is the New Oxygen

Animal New York · 11/27/12 06:00PM

Kader Hamza Pasha street is stand-off central. CSF police on one side, kids on the other side. Rocks vs. tear-gas. Molotov cocktails vs. rubber bullets. With increased protesters out today–some reports estimated there were close to 200,000 people in the square today –today's battles were much more intense and unpredictable. One photojournalist told us that today's vibe reminded her of Egypt's last revolution in January of 2011, the one that threw the country into a state of anarchy until the army took over. As you watch the video above, remember that everyone involved in today's clashes were willing to die for their cause, even the ignoble ones.

Dispatches from Cairo: Even the Police Throw Rocks Here

A.J. Daulerio · 11/27/12 11:20AM

For most of the afternoon Sunday, the open roof deck at the InterContinental Cairo Semiramis hotels had two sunbathers and a young boy swimming in the Olympic size pool by himself. Six stories down, and 200 hundred yards away, on Abd El-Quader Hamza street, reckless policemen (aka the Central Security Force, or CSF) were launching tear-gas shells against the multiple protesters who were hurling rocks back at them.

Awesome U.S. College Kids Arrested in Cairo Protests

Max Read · 11/22/11 07:53PM

"College is such a joke," 21-year-old Indiana University student Luke Gates wrote on Twitter on Monday. Less of a joke: Egyptian jail, where Gates and two other American college kids are after being arrested for allegedly throwing firebombs on police during yesterday's protests.

Egyptian Army Kills Two in Attack on Protestors

Max Read · 04/09/11 08:24AM

Two protestors are reportedly dead following an early-morning army raid on a mass demonstration in Cairo's Tahrir Square, where hundreds of thousands had gathered to call for the prosecution of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and the resignation of army chief Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the current head of state. The army denied using live ammunition, though, according to The Guardian, "images on social media websites appeared to show spent casings of both blank and live shells." Eyewitnesses said protestors were beaten and taken away in vans; the military, unsurprisingly, doesn't remember it like that:

Photo Shows Mubarak Escaping Cairo

Adrian Chen · 02/16/11 08:05PM

CBS News says it's obtained a photo that shows former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak waving goodbye to Cairo from a helicopter on Feb. 11th after giving up control of the country. Cropped out of the photo is the crowd of protestors giving him the finger and/or mooning him. Bye, Mubarak!