Kraft Foods Has the Worst Ideas for What to Make for Dinner

Adrian Chen · 11/09/09 11:54PM

Today, Kraft "Foods" launched a $16.28 billion hostile bid for Cadbury, the cuddliest of all confectioners. Cadbury must resist the evil Kraft empire, whose own website implicates the company in the culinary torture of thousands of unsuspecting families every night.

Chocolate Addict Joss Stone To Pay Homage To Candy

Hamilton Nolan · 02/20/08 09:25AM

[UPDATE:] Hippie pop star Joss Stone has signed on to do ads for Cadbury Flake. The product is shaped like a rod, so it was quite natural that they've promoted it [Adrants] in the past by having a pretty woman wrap her supple lips around it and roll her eyes back into her head in simulated ecstasy. And then walk down the beach with a horse. The not-so-subtle message: Women and horses will happily give you a blow job in exchange for a Cadbury Flake. Get yours today! Full [classic] ad below.