eBay profits rise 22 percent, in line with seller rage

Paul Boutin · 07/16/08 06:20PM

eBay's second-quarter net income rose 22 percent to $460 million, as PayPal and other newer businesses led broad-based growth. The total value of all goods sold on the site in the quarter was $15.7 billion, up 8 percent from a year ago — which suggests that the sustained whining of smaller sellers who are displeased by the inclusion of listings from the likes of, which pays lower fees to sell items on the site, has mattered less than new sales generated by the larger merchants. [Wall Street Journal]

eBay demolishes "level playing field" for

Owen Thomas · 06/17/08 05:00PM

On eBay, some merchants are now more equal than others. eBay signed up to sell on the site with a special deal: no listing fees, a perk which has allowed to litter the site with junk listings like a single AA battery — an offering that makes no economic sense under the rules that apply to other eBay sellers. That goes against the site's core principle of a "level playing field," reiterated here by founder Pierre Omidyar, in an interview with current CEO John Donahoe, just two months ago.