Kurt Andersen's Buttsex Tease

Emily Gould · 01/02/07 01:00PM

We were ever so intrigued by New York's take on the ol' 'increasing popularity of anal sex' trend piece ("[27-year-old 'Jim'] agrees that it seems to be on the rise among his friends but wonders whether it's 'really a cultural shift or just something we ease into semi-contemporaneously as we age, like marriage or buying real estate or listening to jazz rap.'"). Our butts were hungry for more after we finished reading it, so we were excited to see Kurt Andersen picking up the theme in his Imperial City column, entitled "How The Middle Class is Getting Screwed." Then we clicked, and were disappointed.

Anal Sex is Increasingly Popular in the Hetero World [NYMag]

Sex Tips from Felicity Huffman

Emily Gould · 12/22/06 09:40AM

Actress Felicity Huffman, who you'll recall from her role on Desper — wait, does anyone actually watch that show or was the whole thing some weird conspiracy to fill our Us Weekly with pictures of middle-aged ladies we don't care about for a year? Yeah, thought so — anyway, Felicity Huffman, who you'll recall from her eerily convincing turn in that transsexual movie, is many things to many people. She's a star of stage and screen, one half of the Hollywood power couple Stephen Colbert has dubbed Filliam H. Muffman, and — unbeknownst to you until right now — she's also a relationship expert. Or so her soon to be published book, A Practical Handbook For The Boyfriend, would seem to indicate.