Science Watch: How to Kill a Seal

Hamilton Nolan · 11/22/13 04:07PM

Old water! Wind maps! Dry bugs! Fur seals! Science books! Star explosions! Tiny particles! Sea snails! And other wet and wondrous creatures! It's your Friday Science Watch, where we watch science—with scrutiny!

Is There Anything That Milk Cannot Do?

Hamilton Nolan · 04/04/11 04:15PM

Meteorite robbers! Food dyes! Cow people milk! Formaldehyde life! Monarch butterflies! Lion variations! Breast milk oncology! And bitter autism failure! It's your Monday Science Watch, where we watch science—creamily!

Fun-Loving Scientists Invent 'Breast on a Chip'

Hamilton Nolan · 01/26/11 03:24PM

Old galaxies! Nabokov butterflies! Milk safety! Insomnia relief! Cell timers! Solar sails! Bat naps! Math extinctions! Ovulation dreams! Breast chips! It's your Wednesday Science Watch, where we watch science—wackily, come on!