Florida Beachgoer Hilariously Confronts Two Women Stealing His Stuff

Adam Weinstein · 07/07/14 12:30PM

A Florida man celebrating the Fourth of July with his friends and family on New Smyrna Beach noticed two middle-aged women trying to make off with his tent canopy, beach chairs, boogie boards, and kids' toys. So he confronted them, with a cameraphone, and got an unexpected fireworks show.

Aleksander Chan · 07/01/14 08:48PM

Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France, was charged by prosecutors Wednesday "with corruption and influence peddling in a criminal investigation," the AFP reports. Sarkozy was detained earlier today by anti-corruption police and questioned for 15 hours.

Town Mayor Caught Throwing Dog Shit on Neighbor's Sidewalk

Aleksander Chan · 06/10/14 10:42PM

San Marino, Ca. Mayor Dennis Kneier was busted for having thrown a bag of dog shit onto a neighbor's walkway. The neighbor, Philip Lao, caught Kneier tossing the doo with the security cameras outside his home and believes it was done in retaliation for his opposition to a proposed neighborhood dog park.

Huge Mafia Crackdown In Italy and US

Jeff Neumann · 07/13/10 04:17AM

Italian authorities have arrested over 300 people in a sweep of the Calabrian mafia 'Ndrangheta, on suspicion of murder, drug trafficking and money laundering. Some 3,000 police officers took part and arrests were also made in the US. [BBC]

George Michael Arrested in Yet Another Public Toilet

ian spiegelman · 09/21/08 08:41AM

Poor George Michael. Just weeks after completing his first world tour in fifteen years, the singer was busted in a London public bathroom for drug possession. The police report doesn't name Michael, but sources confirmed to the British press that he was busted Friday for crack possession after a suspicious bathroom attendant tipped off the cops. This comes after his famous 1998 arrest by an undercover officer for lewd conduct in a Beverly Hills bathroom, and his 2006 adventure when he plead guilty to driving under the influence of drugs after being found slumped over the wheel of his car and was forbidden to drive for two years. This time, the law is taking it easy on the former Wham front man.

Sheila · 10/31/07 10:07AM

The keffiyeh trend has reached its saturation point—we mean you, Lauren Bush!—and is now confusing cabdrivers. "You visit Saudi Arabia?" last night's cabbie asked me. "You wear something from my country!" The explanation was unspeakable: "Actually, sir. Some twentysomethings, who live in the city and are sort of maybe 'hip,' we enjoy appropriating things from other cultures for no reason other than because it's sort of ironic or maybe meta and edgy-ish and shit, actually, I have no idea why I'm wearing this and I hope this ride is over soon."

Preppie Idiot Robert Chambers Headed Back To Jail

Maggie · 10/23/07 11:15AM

Say a final farewell to Robert Chambers, the man who ensured E! Channel-level publicity in perpetuity for Upper East Side Irish pub Dorrian's Red Hand, which is the last place his former ladyfriend was seen alive in 1986. Like so many preppy misfits and high-profile morons before him, dude just couldn't stick to his first two crimes (that would be murder and, in 2004, just after he was released from prison, possession and driving on a suspended license). Chambers and his girlfriend (this one was still alive!) sold more than a half-pound of cocaine out of their E. 57th Street apartment to undercover agents in recent months, who popped the two of them yesterday.

Maggie · 10/17/07 09:00AM

Stunning news: Airline workers at JFK smuggle drugs across international borders! Following a two-year federal investigation, ten airport employees, including seven Delta workers, appeared in court yesterday on charges of trafficking and distribution. Until they replace those dudes, loitering by the luggage carousel will only net you your actual bags, if you're lucky. [CNN]

Choire · 09/07/07 03:55PM

The New York Law Journal reports today that Larry Klayman—lawyer for embattled former Page Sixer Jared Paul Stern in his quest for vengeance against Ron Burkle and anyone else—may not appear before New York state courts. (Klayman is only admitted in Florida, Pennsylvania and D.C.) Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Walter Tolub wrote in the decision that Klayman's record "evinces a total disregard for the judicial process." What, like, suing the Clintons 9000 times??