Everyone Has Figured Out That Business School Sucks

Hamilton Nolan · 09/17/12 12:40PM

Does factual evidence show that we are living in a bold new "Age of Aquarius" in which young people throw off the strictures of their square parents' uptight generation and forge their own path, outside of the square uptight money-focused world where everything is always about money and shit? The answer is a resounding "yes, dad." For not only are The Youth giving up on law school—they're giving up on business school, as well.

Rich Kids Win the Schools

Hamilton Nolan · 03/08/10 09:46AM

Rejoice, Americans in favor of education: business school grads are having an easier time finding investment banking jobs now. USA education reform= done! The other half of this plan is that regular (non-business) school kids now have 20% less school.

Julia Allison's Existential Thanksgiving Crisis

Richard Lawson · 11/30/08 12:45PM

You know those movies where the big city hotshot character comes back to their town for the holidays and learns humbling lessons about life and love? Well that apparently played out in real life when Julia Allison—internet fame connoisseur, lifecaster—traveled back to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Between lazily pushing mashed potatoes around her plate and clubbing at "the hottest spot in Chicago," she seems to have experienced an existential crisis that led to a big, HUGE decision that she's of course loudly announced on her website: Julia Allison is going to Business School! And not just any business school. Like some sort of businessy Elle Woods, she's aiming for the crème de la crème: Harvard! And Stanford. What, like it's hard? There are, though, some small flaws in her plan: