Super Sad True Love Stories: 'Free Foot Massage,' and Other Unpleasant Come-Ons

Hamilton Nolan · 05/17/11 04:03PM

Love! It is not for the faint of heart. What is it about l'amour that drives the "males" among us to hand out eerily-worded business cards to strange women on the street—to revel in our passive-aggression, trying to simultaneously embrace and flee from love's awkward embrace, by passing some kind of love note thing, which never works? It is a mystery. All we know, ladies, is this: more of your very own, very true, bad love connection stories are below. To Cupid's Garden!

The Greatest Party Trick of All Time

Devon Irete · 04/09/10 09:43AM

This kid, who has an uncanny resemblance to Ash from Pokemon, uses his own little Pikachus to demonstrate what could possibly be the next big magic schtick. I choose you!

Tech Playboy's Pimp Card

Ryan Tate · 10/09/09 02:52PM

Ohhh yeahhh, baby: Jimmy Wales did just hand you a picture of his dapper self, giving you The Look. You know, the sultry one he's used on a long line of women. The look that says, "this card means business."

A New Use For Your Old Cards

cityfile · 06/02/09 09:24AM

If you've been laid off recently and you have a stack of useless business cards sitting in your desk drawer, there's something you can do with at least one of them. asks people to submit photos of their old business cards with their new contact info scribbled in, along with "one positive change that happened in your life as a result of being downsized." You don't get anything for participating, naturally. The same can't be said for the founders of the site: They've already landed a deal to turn the project into a book. [CardsofChange]