You Can Buy Willie Nelson's Swanky Old Tour Bus on Craigslist

Adam Weinstein · 05/02/14 11:00AM

The current bid is $36,000 for this beautiful old Willie Nelson tour bus. It gets 7 miles a gallon. It sleeps 8. It's like a saloon inside, with red velvet and beveled glass. It's got miles of wood paneling. Hell, there may still be a stash in that wood paneling that's worth 36 grand!

Megabus Is No Longer the Best Way to Smuggle Drugs

Cord Jefferson · 10/30/13 04:07PM

Have you ever ridden Megabus, Peter Pan, or any old grungy Chinatown bus around the Eastern Seaboard and thought to yourself, Man, this would be a great way for someone to run drugs? Well, the good news is you're not alone; many people have had that idea. Don't try to turn that fantasy into a reality, however, because the cops are now wise to the game.

Man Beaten and Dragged Off Bus By Driver

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 04/13/13 12:50PM

A man in Lincoln, Nebraska was brutally beaten by a bus driver after asking the driver a question about the route of the bus. The video of the attack, which was released by the City of Lincoln, shows a 40-year-old man asking the driver a question. After a brief pause, the bus driver screams at the man about asking the question, and then proceeds to stop the bus and pummel the passenger, before savagely dragging him out of the bus and into the road.

Hamilton Nolan · 02/27/13 11:28AM

How to get to Boston now that the government has ordered Fung Wah buses to shut down? Don't go to Boston. Boston sucks.

Public Buses Will Now Record Your Horrible Public Transit Conversations

Adrian Chen · 12/11/12 02:28PM

It often seems as if people save all their most obnoxious and excruciating conversations for public transit, just to make sure the pain is spread to more of their fellow humans. So imagine if every conversation that occurred on public transit was recorded: What twisted portrait of humanity would be produced? We may now learn, as an increasing number of cities are installing audio surveillance systems on their bus systems.

Charming Brooklyn Retro Trend: Women to the Back of the Bus

Hamilton Nolan · 10/19/11 08:14AM

Ho ho, will hipster Brooklyn ever stop with its pursuit of retro trends? Retro fashions, retro music... and now, retro discrimination! Women to the back of the bus! This could be the hottest discrimination trend of the season.

Video Shows D.C. Metrobus Driver Literally Throwing Off Passenger

Matt Cherette · 09/07/11 04:35AM

Washington, DC transit officials launched an investigation on Tuesday after learning of a video that appears to show a Metrobus driver forcibly throwing a passenger off a bus and straight to the ground. A Metro spokesman called the driver's actions "completely unacceptable" and noted that "appropriate action" would be taken against him just as soon as they figure out who the hell he is. Because they don't know.

Obama's New Bus Looks Like Darth Vader's Helmet

Jim Newell · 08/16/11 12:56PM

President Obama is not traveling around the Midwest in any old jalopy with "JOBS" or "AMERICA" splashed on the side. He's riding in a new pitch-black armored $1 million Secret Service bus. Why is he trying to scare all the people away?

Sarah Palin's Grifter Bus Tour: The Trailer

Jim Newell · 05/27/11 01:50PM

Sarah Palin's big Tour de Grift doesn't kick off until Sunday, but you can watch a mediocre 52-second YouTube about it right now! Watch as her slaves prep the bus, decorating it with stock photos of the Constitution and flags and mountains. Palin narrates some gibberish about the Constitution. An artist's rendering of George Washington is shown. Then some more stuff about the Constitution, etc.