Three San Diego Bus Drivers Probably Ate Pot Brownies, Then Worked Their Shift

Taylor Berman · 08/31/12 08:44PM

Three bus drivers in San Diego may have accidentally eaten pot brownies and worked their shift, before feeling "dizzy" and calling in for replacement drivers. According to NBC San Diego, the three drivers were all given brownies by another MTS employee. That MTS employee, the brownie pusher, claims that it was his roommate that baked the brownies, which, likely story.

Students Rally Behind Celebrity Bus Driver 'Jazz Man'

Lauri Apple · 10/04/11 09:15AM

For the past 12 years Rob Thompson—aka "Jazz Man"—has driven the Campus Connector bus, playing jazz CDs from a boombox and greeting people with "hey baby" and a smile. He's the most famous bus driver at the University of Minnesota, if not the entire state of Minnesota.