Bolt Bus Asks Passenger to Join Loyalty Program After Bus Explosion

Andy Cush · 05/14/15 04:04PM

As if the indignity of riding discount transportation to Boston wasn’t enough on its own, passengers of a Bolt Bus were forced to evacuate Monday evening as their chariot burst into flames. When one passenger emailed to complain about the incident, a representative asked her to join the company’s loyalty program so that she could receive “a couple of round trips” in exchange for her troubles.

The Fung Wah Bus Still Doesn't Have Its Shit Together

Andy Cush · 10/02/14 03:25PM

The Fung Wah bus, a rolling sardine can that once carried passengers from Boston's South Station to the foot of the Manhattan Bridge and back for a mere $15 each way, failed its latest attempt to get back on the road. Depending on your outlook, this is either very good or very bad news.

Is This the Best Bus Stop Ever?

Neetzan Zimmerman · 02/21/13 01:50PM

As part of a new interactive marketing campaign, telecommunications firm Qualcomm set up a wish-fulfilling bus stop that instantly rewarded impatient commuters with increasingly unconventional rides.

Bus Driver Accidentally Plays Hardcore Porn Film for Passengers (NSFW)

Neetzan Zimmerman · 01/29/13 09:31AM

Don't you just hate it when you're a long-distance bus driver in Chile and you accidentally forget that hardcore porn you were enjoying earlier in the coach's video tray and then press play thinking it's You've Got Mail or something and then passengers start giggling and you have no idea why until some spoilsport points it out to you and you're embarrassed as shit?

The Driver vs. Bicyclist Fight is Way More Violent in England

Emma Carmichael · 02/17/12 01:51PM

Urban biking is dangerous, and especially so when drivers are going out their way to decapitate you. This video, taken from a CCTV camera in Bristol, England, shows bus driver Gavin Hill intentionally swerving into cyclist Philip Mead. Mead landed 10 feet away with a broken leg and a fractured wrist, and Hill has reportedly been sentenced to 17 months in jail.

Video Shows D.C. Metrobus Driver Literally Throwing Off Passenger

Matt Cherette · 09/07/11 04:35AM

Washington, DC transit officials launched an investigation on Tuesday after learning of a video that appears to show a Metrobus driver forcibly throwing a passenger off a bus and straight to the ground. A Metro spokesman called the driver's actions "completely unacceptable" and noted that "appropriate action" would be taken against him just as soon as they figure out who the hell he is. Because they don't know.

Say Hello to Rick Perry's New Campaign Bus

Lauri Apple · 08/14/11 02:44PM

Joining the Tour de Grift Express, the Buss de Bachmann, and all the other Republican buses burning up fuel on America's highways this summer (don't worry, it's probably all biodiesel) is this sleek new model just unveiled by the Rick Perry campaign in Iowa. Grand!

Tea Partiers Celebrating U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade

Lauri Apple · 08/07/11 10:33PM

Obama adviser David Axelrod has started calling Standard & Poor's major diss of America's credit rating the "Tea Party downgrade," which certainly sounds like an insult against the Tea Party. Yet the Partiers themselves seem to be embracing Axelrod's wannabe-pejorative as a compliment.

This Woman Feels Very Strongly About Her Right to Play Music on the Bus

Seth Abramovitch · 06/26/11 10:26PM

This might provide some clues as to why no one in New York is riding the bus anymore. Asked by a driver to not use her iPhone's speakers to play her music, the woman unleashed an extremely loud, hateful, and profanity-filled tirade ("You need to shut the f*ck up and drive your bus, you miserable old f*cking man!...You f*cking honky!"), which was captured on video by another, pissed-off rider. iPhones fighting iPhones!