Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupiers Rifle Through Native American Artifacts

Brendan O'Connor · 01/20/16 10:21PM

A video uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday appears to show the armed militants occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge rummaging through a storage area, accusing the Bureau of Land Management of improperly storing artifacts belonging to the local, native Paiute tribe. “SHARE!” the video is captioned. “BREAKING UPDATE BURNS OREGON BLM LEFT NATIVE ARTIFACTS TO ROT IN MICE DROPPINGS!”

Drama Alert! The Oregon Militia Boys Are Beefing Like Instagram Teens

Sam Biddle · 01/12/16 12:58PM

Drama, drama, drama! The loosely organized anti-government radicals who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge were hoping to provoke a war with the federal government—but instead they’ve found themselves at war with each other, feuding, fussing, and freezing.

Oregon Militia Gunman Hides Under Tarp on MSNBC

Sam Biddle · 01/05/16 11:18PM

It’s unclear to what extent anti-government gunmen, currently occupying a federal building in Oregon are willing to go to make their very dumb point. But for now, one of the patriots is taking shelter underneath this blue tarp.

Time's Richard Stengel Mocks Ann Curry in Commencement Speech

Seth Abramovitch · 05/22/11 08:10PM

Delivering a commencement speech is the academic equivalent of hosting the Oscars. It's high risk, high payoff, and potentially — if the stars align just right — pure showbiz magic. But when upwardly failing Today Show space cadet Ann Curry delivered an address to the graduates of Wheaton College, she pulled off something closer to a James Franco than a Billy Crystal, mistakenly listing a number of famous alumni who went to a different Wheaton College altogether. Oops! This year's speaker, Time Managing Editor Richard Stengel, couldn't resist opening with a joke at Curry's expense:

Scary 20-Foot Weed Invading Ontario Can Blind You

Max Read · 07/12/10 01:04AM

Giant hogweed, an enormous plant whose sap can burn skin—not to mention cause blindness—has been found in Ontario. If you see it, contact the authorities, and maybe try shooting at it with a gun, or something. [CBC via]