Don't Look Back

jps · 04/16/06 07:50PM

Well, I guess we've all had just about enough of this (especially the evil rich guy). It's hard work, the pay sucks, the server shit the bed and there obviously aren't enough drink tickets to go around. But thanks for all the great feedback!

Ronnie's Other Big House

jps · 04/16/06 06:12PM

On your way to or from the county lockup? Be sure to stop by the billionaire bag boy's other mansion - this here monstrosity in La Jolla, CA.

Burklegate Coverage Update #2

jps · 04/16/06 05:27PM

Let's just all just chill out now and see what the world's far-flung correspondents have to add at this point:

Just, You Know, Asking...

jps · 04/16/06 04:02PM

WHICH malicious magnate has a room full of secret files stuffed with dirt on scores of journalists and politicians? And he isn't afraid to use them.

Burkle in Bed With the Times?

jps · 04/16/06 12:18PM

A lot has been written about the New York Times' copious coverage of our little dust-up with the Burkle excrescence.

Burklegate: Day 2

jps · 04/16/06 09:54AM

Allrighty, let's get cracking, Mr. Crow. Baste the billionaire in oil and turn the stove to gas mark 6. The greasy grocer is in full panic mode and he's running out of clean pants.

Isn't It Ironic?

jps · 04/15/06 06:38PM

The chick's kinda hot, but who's the fat kid?

Look Out for Pelican Droppings

jps · 04/15/06 04:06PM

You know, the more we look into the Big B's black ops, the more we keep hearing one name over and over: Anthony Pellicano.

Burklegate Coverage Update #1

jps · 04/15/06 01:50PM

It's a holiday weekend of some sort, so things are a mite slow. But everyone's still on this story in some way or another, though the Chinese and Indian press are no longer filing daily reports. Here's a look at a few of the latest dispatches:

Burklegate Officially Begins: Get Your Tickets Now

jps · 04/15/06 09:33AM

When I got the call about this Gawker gig I didn't really have to think on it long. For one thing, suspended, vilified, part-time freelance Page Six-ers aren't in a position to turn down paying jobs. Also, it's been over a week since I last wrote an item and I'm starting to suffer from withdrawal.