Berlusconi Says He Won't Run Again (Again)

Jeff Neumann · 07/08/11 05:21AM

It's a sad day for all Italians. Wax figure Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says he won't seek another term in 2013, but instead with act as a "patron" to his successor, Justice Minister Angelino Alfano, which should really help Alfano's case. And, at 77, Berlusconi can finally begin to focus on his private life.

Berlusconi Appears at Fourth Trial in Four Months

Jeff Neumann · 05/09/11 07:35AM

At least you're not spending your Monday doing this: "Premier Silvio Berlusconi has arrived in court for his corruption trial on charges he bribed a witness to lie in another trial." And that's not even the bunga bunga one! [AP]

Berlusconi Pulls Bin Laden Card Before Tax Fraud Trial

Jeff Neumann · 05/02/11 06:48AM

Italian wax figure Silvio Berlusconi was in court today facing allegations of tax fraud — he had the day off from the other trial for allegedly playing "bunga bunga" with child prostitutes — when he invoked the death of Osama bin Laden as a reason to let him off the hook: "There is something which is not going in the right direction for a democracy to have government leaders humiliated by having to spend hours in court while these important international events are taking place."

Sex With 33 Girls 'Too Much' for Old Berlusconi

Jeff Neumann · 03/16/11 07:35AM

Alleged Italian sex fiend Silvio Berlusconi, in an interview with opposition newspaper La Repubblica, says charges filed against him claiming that he had sex with 33 prostitutes at his legendary "bunga bunga" parties are "without sense." Why is that? Because, he told the paper, "even though I am a little brat ... 33 girls in two months seems like too much even for a 30 year old." But having sex 13 times with an underage prostitute, well, that's a different story.