The Virtues of Being Bullied

Rich Juzwiak · 04/02/12 02:15PM

Lee Hirsch's much-discussed film, Bully, is a great document of this moment in anti-bullying discourse. It reiterates what the compassionate know and the apathetic need to hear: bullying is bad and kids are killing themselves in response.

Bloodthirsty Bully Harvey Weinstein Releases Movie About Bullies

John Cook · 03/30/12 04:00PM

Today marks the release of Bully, a "moving and troubling documentary" about the victims of adolescent bullying. It's being distributed by the Weinstein Company, which is co-run by Harvey Weinstein, a monstrous and violent bully who has hurt hundreds of people with his frequent rages and sociopathic lack of concern for the emotional or physical well-being of anyone with less power than himself.

The Reign of the PG-13 Rating: Sanitized, Safe, and Worth Shitloads of Money

Rich Juzwiak · 03/27/12 04:30PM

It's a great time for PG-13. Seven out of the nine films nominated for Best Picture at this year's Oscars were rated PG-13. Eight of the Top 10 grossing films of last year in the U.S. sported that rating. It's become something of a badge of honor: This Means War was edited to qualify (not that it made a difference in its paltry box office take), The Expendables sequel is being tailored to be a PG-13 "barbeque of grand scale ass bashing [that] will not leave anyone hungry" (according to Sly Stallone) and high-profile outrage met the MPAA's decision to slap Lee Hirsch's documentary Bully with an R instead.

Kid Puts Bully in His Place (On the Ground Crying)

Christopher Han · 11/18/10 09:25AM

Whatever they're arguing over, one of them wants to throw down and the other doesn't. This bully looks good with his shirt off in front of all the neighborhood girls, but he's about to get mercy ruled.