Cyberbully Your Way to Fame and Fortune

Adrian Chen · 11/28/10 03:09PM

Vitaly Borker, the owner of decormyeyes.com, has hit on an ingenious method to market his Internet eyeglasses business: Bully customers into leaving negative reviews on watchdog websites, then watch your rank in Google searches rise!

Can Perez Hilton Really Clean Up His Act?

Brian Moylan · 10/13/10 03:37PM

Blogger and face scribbler Perez Hilton is taking to Ellen DeGeneres, YouTube, and Out magazine today to say that he's not going to bully celebrities on his website from now on. Is he serious or is this a PR stunt?

Anti-Bullying Policies are a Gay Conspiracy, Says Mega Church

Jeff Neumann · 08/31/10 06:50AM

Ultra-conservative Christian mega business ministry Focus on the Family wants all these gay people to stop talking about child bullying, because they're pushing a secret agenda to turn America's kids into homosexuals, and that is not what Jesus intended.

High School Bully Emasculates Louis CK

nightintern · 08/18/10 08:38AM

On a very special episode of Louie, Louis CK looked at the human attraction to violence and intimidation. After asking a group of unruly teenagers to quiet down, Louis gets into a confrontation that ruins his evening.

One More Thing: Rebels in Movies and TV

ian spiegelman · 10/18/08 06:53PM

This is certainly a scary time in America, what with the racist McCain/Palin fans and a liberal response that is still cringing and frightened to offend no matter what crazy shit the Wingers spew. But America has had scary times before—times when racists and rednecks and bullies and other pieces of shit went all out to stop the spread of progress and new ideas and common decency. And we have always stuck it to the man, at least in movies and TV. My opener after the jump.

Bullies Across America

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/08 12:02PM

Are you being bullied at work? Who cares, as long as a media outlet can make a good listicle out of it! Forbes assembled an illustrated list of the "10 Signs You're Being Bullied At Work." It features a bunch of stock photos of people striking typical poses in typical office work environments (pictured). "We can condense and improve on that crap!" we thought, immediately sensing the opportunity to simultaneously rip off Forbes' idea and mock it in a shady philosophical tightrope act. Below, our photo-illustrated guide to the top five ways to know if you're being bullied at work. Because these days, the most bullied people don't work in offices, anyhow.

Wayne Newton Recalls The Pain Of Being The Richard Simmons Of The Carson Era

seth · 11/30/07 05:05PM

Until we saw this clip from Larry King Live last night, we honestly had no clue how hard Johnny Carson made things for our secretly favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant, Wayne Newton, who couldn't pull on a single, sequined polyester outfit and launch into song in a Las Vegas floorshow without having the late night despot crack some crass joke questioning his sexuality. (And later, he claims, finagling him a spot on a Mafia's Most Wanted hit list.)

Why We Love Col Allan

Choire · 06/14/07 11:20AM

Post honcho Col Allan knows what you are typing at your desks. He knows what you are emailing. In his mind, he is already screaming at you. And then there's this: