Andy Cush · 06/20/14 08:33AM

A man looks at piled up cars in Varna, Bulgaria after heavy rain and flooding in the city killed at least 10 people and left several more missing. Photo via Associated Press.

Watch a Would-be Assassin Attempt to Shoot a Bulgarian Politician on Live TV

Taylor Berman · 01/19/13 02:12PM

Saturday, a gunman attempted to shoot a Bulgarian politician during a televised news conference. The video is wild. In it, Ahmed Dogan, the leader of Bulgaria's Movement for Rights and Freedoms – Bulgaria's Turkish party, narrowly escapes getting shot in the head after a gunman runs on stage during a speech and attempts to fire two shots. The gun apparently jammed, giving Dogan time to knock it from the attacker's hands before security stepped in. The gunman, identified as a 25-year-old from the Bulgarian town of Burgas, near the Black Sea, continues to fight, despite being pinned down and having the shit kicked out of him by various security guards and on-lookers. Police also found two knives on the attacker after he was detained.

Several Dead in Attack on Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria; Netanyahu Accuses Iran

Max Read · 07/18/12 12:05PM

An explosion on a bus carrying Israeli youth in the Bulgarian resort town of Burgas killed as many as seven people and injured at least 20 at around 5:20 p.m. local time. It's unclear what happened — apparently some are claiming it was a female suicide bomber, while the Israeli Foreign Ministry says it wasn't a suicide bombing but rather a bomb in the trunk — but Bulgaria has been increasing security on resort towns frequented by Israelis since the January discovery of a suspicious package on an Israeli tourist bus.

Bulgarian War Memorial Vandalized, Awesomely

Seth Abramovitch · 06/21/11 12:36AM

A public monument to the Soviet Armed Forces in Sofia, Bulgaria was vandalized spectacularly over the weekend. The statues of the Second World War soldiers were painted to resemble such candy-colored figures of capitalist iconography as Superman, Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, Captain America and The Joker. The spray-painted writing beneath it says the hack now puts the statue "in step with the times!"