Ted Cruz Terrified of Bug

Hamilton Nolan · 09/16/15 10:50AM

Ted Cruz, the Texas Hair Gel Depository, wants to train the full power of the world’s mightiest military on a lil bug.

Unless You Love Bug Bites, You Might Want to Avoid the Times Square AMC Theater

Andy Cush · 09/14/15 12:10PM

Listen, I know we’re all excited about seeing The Transporter Refueled and Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (???) this weekend, but we might have to watch that double feature somewhere besides our favorite movie theater in our favorite New York City neighborhood. According to multiple disturbing reports, the Times Square AMC Empire 25 is infested with bugs.

"It Looked Like the Wallpaper Was Alive": Your Scariest Roach Stories

Andy Cush · 05/27/15 02:30PM

A metropolis of roaches living inside a cat food bag, noticed only when an accidental kick to the bag sent them flooding out. Fearless cockroaches charging toward you in your own bedroom. Bugs in the pillowcase, bugs in the coffee pot, bugs in your ear. Bugs during sex. Stop reading if you want to sleep soundly tonight. These are Gawker reader’s most skin-crawling cockroach encounters.

There's A Restaurant in D.C. Serving Bugs Today If You're Into That

Aleksander Chan · 06/04/14 10:45AM

As part of a PR stunt for Ehrlich Pest Control, 13 restaurants, including one in D.C., will become "pestaurants" and serve you dead bugs to eat. The goal, Ehrlich claims, is "to promote the health benefits of an insect rich diet already enjoyed by billions across the globe."

Beware the Hackberry Nipple-Gall Maker!

Sarah Hedgecock · 11/19/13 01:37PM

Who cares that bunch of bugs are eating northern Texas alive? You do, because they're called hackberry nipple-gall maker insects.

The Latest News on Bee Stings

Hamilton Nolan · 08/07/13 11:39AM

Summer is here, and that means you're probably getting stung by bees. Are you up to date on the very latest medical opinions regarding bee stinger venom delivery? Find out!

Ticks Are the Hot New Plague of 2012

Hamilton Nolan · 03/27/12 08:42AM

God's righteous anger against America's wanton and sinful adoption of gay marriage and predilection towards consuming Cheez on the Sabbath hath caused him to strike us with plagues like lice, bedbugs, raccoons, and skunks. Still, our licentious nation persists in viewing "PG-13" movies and huffing jenkem. Well now, god has something new for you, Sodomites.

Nobody at Conde Nast Can Read Gawker Right Now So Here's a Thread to Talk Shit About Them

Max Read · 02/02/12 04:30PM

Max R. Emma and I want to put up a post making fun of Conde Nast since our site doesn't work for them right now
Max R. and they can't read it
Max R. any shots you guys feel like taking
Emma C. ....get it
Hamilton N. they're ugly.
Adrian C. didn't we just get someting about the cafeteria?
Brian M. Details is gay for GQ
Hamilton N. why don't they lose some weight
Leah B. Conde NASTY. You're welcome. You may all go home now.
Adrian C. #Siren: Reliable source warns of "fennel situation" in @CondeNastCorp cafeteria; exec/ed may be demanding roasted fennel, fennel salad, etc. - @DylanByers via Twitter
Emma C. the Vogue girls are like such bitches and stuff
Adrian C. Why don't you go eat some fennel and cry about it?
Hamilton N. at a party, we heard Anna Wintour say she hates them
Hamilton N. "That's what you're wearing? Hmm."
Hamilton N. they're poor.
Hamilton N. they take the subway to work
Adrian C. New Yorker Articles are pretty boring, sometimes
Emma C. Vanity Fair really needs to get over the Kennedys
Adrian C. Fennel is gross
Brian M. Well, they need to get over old dead ladies in general
Adrian C. Their parent company owns reddit
Brian M. "Remember Portfolio?"
Emma C. hahaha, no, because no one does
Adrian C. eustace tilley is a giant homosexual and everyone knows it
Maureen O. Your elevator is boring again
Maureen O. Teen Vogue has bulimia and will never grow up to be as awesome as her mom.
Emma C. Malcolm Gladwell
Max R. i'm just going to post this campfire chat unless anyone objects
Leah B. Wasn't the terrible mystery pooper a conde nast thing
Ryan T. that guy
Adrian C. who's that
Ryan T. Jesus, basically https://www.gawker.com/5604391/dude-makes-ipad-apps-just-like-miles-davis-and-jesus-did
Hamilton N. that is will ferrell.