Gay Men Arrested for 'Buggery' on Caribbean Cruise

Maureen O'Connor · 03/23/12 12:50PM

A pair of 40-something California men were on a gay cruise in the Caribbean this week when police boarded their ship while it was docked in Dominica and arrested them for indecent exposure and "buggery," which is what they call sodomy there. Yesterday morning they pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $900 fine after a Dominican magistrate called them "rogues and vagabonds."

Anderson Cooper's Dirty Secret

Richard Lawson · 08/14/08 12:42PM

Yay for inadvertent double entendres! This is a screenshot (taken by commenter Josh Speed) from Oprah Boprah's website, and it implies something nefarious and seeeecret about, well, Anderson Cooper's life. What could it be? Does he butter his toast upside down? Oh and Gayle King, you're on notice too.

People Whose Saturday Night Will Be Even Lamer Than Yours

Jon · 04/21/07 06:10PM

Nope. Too late. If you don't have plans already, there's no chance you'll end up anywhere tonight that doesn't involve Plan B and a watery Bloody Mary in the morning. If you do have plans, well, they probably mostly suck and/or require trekking to outer Brooklyn. Better start preparing the Monday-morning revisionism now. Ahh, sunny weekend blues! The Internet was supposed to make despondency better, and it has: after the jump, ridiculous things the melancholics on Craigslist will do tonight and tell themselves was fun tomorrow.