Giant Buffalo Wedding Brawl Took Seven Police Departments to Break Up

Enid Shaw · 09/17/14 10:15PM

A country club wedding in a Buffalo suburb devolved into an enormous melee that required police officers from seven different agencies to respond, the Buffalo News reports. Hours after the happy couple exchanged their vows, one witness told the newspaper, family members were screaming that they hated each other, punching holes in the walls, and splattering the dance floor with one another's blood.

Racist Stripper Curses Out a Black Man For Starting His Car

Jay Hathaway · 06/04/14 09:13AM

Driving while black has apparently been expanded to include even starting a car while black. This Western New York man was the victim of an angry mom's racist tirade just for getting ready to leave a parking lot while she walked by with her kids.

Lady Gaga Sings Tribute to Bullying Victim Jamey Rodemeyer

Lauri Apple · 09/25/11 12:28PM

Jamey Rodemeyer—the 14-year-old high school freshman from Buffalo, N.Y. who recently committed suicide after enduring years of bullying for his sexuality—was buried by his family yesterday, and in his honor Lady Gaga dedicated her iHeartRadio Music Festival performance of "Hair" to him. Rodemeyer was a huge Gaga fan, and even thanked her in his final blog post. His death seems to have had a profound effect on the pop star, who's announced on her Twitter that she wants to meet with President Obama to press for legislation that would make bullying a hate crime.

Moron Living Next to a Mosque Is Upset

Jim Newell · 05/11/11 02:26PM

What say we check the headlines for a new installation of that old segment, Morons With Signs On Their Lawns, hmm? Let's see here... well look at that, it's a moron with a sign on his lawn! Michael Heick of Amherst, New York — the moron — lives next to a mosque, but can't stand their flashy lights. So the sign he's put on his lawn says, "BOMB MAKING NEXT DRIVEWAY." Take that, fuckers!

TV Exec Found Guilty of Beheading Wife

Max Read · 02/08/11 01:38AM

Muzzammil Hassan, the Buffalo businessman who founded a television channel to counteract stereotypes about Muslims, was found guilty of murdering and beheading his wife. In his closing statement, Hassan argued that he was the victim of spousal abuse. [Buffalo News]

Guy Trampled During Black Friday Lives to Shop Another Day

Adrian Chen · 11/27/10 03:56PM

As far as we can tell, nobody died yesterday in Black Friday madness. But this guy got trampled at a Buffalo, New York Target store. He attempted to continue his hunt for bargains, only to collapse from the pain.

Buffalo Cops: We Got the Wrong Guy

Jeff Neumann · 08/15/10 10:35AM

Police in Buffalo yesterday arrested 35-year-old Keith Johnson in connection with the shooting on Saturday of eight people, four of whom died, outside of a wedding anniversary party. But after reviewing video from the scene they've released him. Oops. [NYDN]