Caption This: The Lockster Grifter

Maureen O'Connor · 02/01/10 12:53AM

So, the Hipster Grifter and a Gawker alumnus walk into quaint suburban tableau... We're told this photo of meme turned inmate Kari Ferrell and real estate blog mogul Lockhart Steele (plus one gentleman in a duster) occurred at Sundance.

Poster Boy, Live In Action

Hamilton Nolan · 11/21/08 05:16PM

Anonymous subway-based ad remix artist and minor obsession of ours Poster Boy has been caught on film! All we had before to identify him was this photo(shop). Animal NY's vandal-in-chief Bucky Turco spent a nice evening with PB in a Brooklyn subway station, just cold maxing and relaxing and shooting the breeze while carving up ads with an X-acto knife and attacking trains. We now have a definitive description of Poster Boy: a male wearing a hat, doing art. If you see anyone matching that description, call police immediately. (Not really, snitches!). Watch the full clip below:

We Still Feel Good About Ourselves

Hamilton Nolan · 05/22/08 02:57PM

Yesterday we noted that even though the American media is the grand imperial bloodsucker of our nation's soul, that's okay; at least we don't immediately do bikini shoots on the scene of our latest national disasters. Like the media in China does. In a counterpoint, Animal's Bucky Turco argues that the Chinese government's censorship of the media in the wake of said photos was actually worse than the photos themselves—a couple of which he has posted on his site. Since we have posted only a heartrending photo of homeless young victims, we're better than him. So whatever. [Animal, Previously, Donate to Earthquake Relief]

Banksy Unmasked?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/09/08 01:59PM

Banksy: millionaire street artist, fierce cultural critic, celebrity darling of the art world. The man's prestige has been immeasurably enhanced by his anonymity. He insists on it, and it gives him an air of mystery that only increases his allure to the media, fans, and collectors alike. An alleged photo of him was widely circulated last year, but it certainly didn't result in his real name being printed in his omnipresent media coverage. Those in his inner circle insist on strict concealment of his identity. Theories, of course, abound. But today, Bucky Turco at Animal NY believes he's stumbled upon Banksy's true identity. Combined with some corroborating evidence we got ourselves, the case is plausible—though far from proven. Now this would be big news:

New NYC Banksy Piece: Confirmed?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/09/08 11:16AM

Animal NY street chronicler Bucky Turco took the bait of our sighting this morning of the elusive British stencil artist Banksy. Bucky traipsed over to Thunder Jacksons in the West Village and captured THE FIRST PICTURES of this new Banksy piece, which have just increased the value of the building 25-fold [UPDATE: Or have they? Gothamist says this work is by Nick Walker, not Banksy. We're investigating. More to come.]. Click through for some larger pics of the three-part work, and then go over to Animal NY to read some more clues that Bucky gleaned about the artist . Journalism in action:

How To See The Pope Without A Ticket

Hamilton Nolan · 04/18/08 11:50AM

Animal blogger Bucky Turco has posted a hi-res mockup of an official ticket to see the Pope's appearance at the St. Patrick Cathedral tomorrow. Apparently someone with computer skills (Note to US Secret Service: Not us) could theoretically print this out into a reasonable facsimile of a real ticket and use it to attend the event. In related news, Bucky is "posting from an undisclosed location today," and we all wish him well and hope that he makes it to Monday a free man. Click to enlarge. [Animal NY]

Bucky Turco Back On Vallone's Case

Hamilton Nolan · 04/01/08 04:12PM

Not only is graffiti-hating New York City Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr. a media whoring killjoy, he also doesn't know how to use the emails! In one of his office's frequent media email blasts, Vallone's flack left all the email addresses of the 100+ reporters visible. Yet another casualty of BCC ignorance. So if you want a New York journalist's contact info, Peter Vallone, Jr. has now provided it for you! [via Vallone nemesis Bucky Turco at Animal New York, which is back up and running now as promised]. And for convenience's sake, click through for a screen grab of the whole list.

The Animal Returns

Hamilton Nolan · 03/19/08 04:50PM

Streetwise agitator Bucky Turco is leaving his post as blogger in chief for Complex, the Marc Ecko glossy urban shopping rag which had only one really interesting feature: its blog. Bucky says he's bringing back Animal New York, his dormant passion. Beware. [Bucky Turco]

Remainders: No Trans Phats Allowed

Doree Shafrir · 12/19/06 05:32PM
  • Animal NY/Complex blogger Bucky Turco is being investigated for calling for peaceful demonstrations at Councilman Peter Vallone's house because of Vallone's anti-graffiti stance. [Daily Politics]

Buy This Magazine or We'll Ignite This Dachshund

abalk2 · 10/12/06 09:00AM

So Animal impresario Bucky Turco is taking a little heat over the photo above, which was published in that magazine's Wildlife issue. Bucky, who we're sure never considered the fact that this controversial picture might bring attention to his title, has had enough: "[W]e figured we would come clean and let you all in on a little secret. It's a goddamn lighter not a gun, so stop your bitching and superfluous emails. Geez, can't you take a joke?"

'Animal' Bags a Wild Cheney

Jesse · 02/15/06 02:49PM

Never one to let an opportunity for publicity go unexploited, Animal's inimitable Bucky Turco distributed a press release moments ago announcing plans to plaster this poster around the city. "With the Vice President running around shooting people in the face, what other way to be prepared then this Dick Cheney poster/shooting target," the release says. Plus, "The poster also doubles as an awareness campaign to support bill: S.304/H.R. 1688, the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act of 2005, to help crack down on the unfair and cruel practice of canned hunting."