Marc Jacobs' New Muse Is Well Kept

Ryan Tate · 06/24/08 02:07AM

It's the feel-good fashion story of the summer! Man-hopping uberdesigner Marc Jacobs gave a prototype of his "Sunburst BB Shoulderbag" to the bag's inspiration, Filipino fashion blogger Bryanboy! Jacobs, you'll recall, emailed the much-read, often-imitated blogger in February to say he would name the Ostrich version of a forthcoming bag after him. It wasn't clear whether Bryanboy would ever get to hold "his" bag. Well, it turns out Jacobs is naming the entire style after him, in all leathers and colors, and sent Bryanboy his bag wrapped up all fancy, with a very special personal note. Bryanboy said he was "crying my face off" for at least 12 hours, which means it was probably DAYS. "This is the best thing that has ever happened to me," Bryanboy wrote on his blog, before taking it to a club in his pajamas, as seen in the photo above. Awwww... See, Marc Jacobs' wandering eye doesn't always break hearts. (Photo via Bryanboy)

Marc Jacobs Completes Bag For Gay Filipino Blogger

Ryan Tate · 05/22/08 08:04AM

So, remember how fashionista Marc Jacobs promised to design an ostrich handbag for Bryanboy, a twinky, blogging, Filipino version of Paris Hilton? It's done! Bryanboy surfaced pictures of "the BB" on his blog this morning after receiving photos from an email tipster. (It's up there at left, while Bryanboy is spanking himself with a whip on the right.) With as much dignity as he can muster, Bryanboy also dropped a lot of hints he'd like to, somehow, obtain one of these bags for free. Wait, what? This hasn't already been promised? Maybe if a certain uberdesigner wasn't so busy updating his Facebook and playing with boy toys and, OK, fair enough, being robbed, he could take care of his handbag muse and avert a PR disaster before it happens.

Hills Star's Awful Fashion Award

Ryan Tate · 04/25/08 03:53AM

Janice Min will come to regret this: Her Us Weekly has named Lauren Conrad "Celebrity Designer Of The Year" as part of a special section called "Us Hot Hollywood Style Winners." (Click the picture at left for a full-sized image, courtesy Bryanboy.) Wow. Well, that's, uh, bold. Because the critics have not been kind to the Hills star's work. New York called her Lauren Conrad Collection "tragique." When Bryanboy saw the Us spread, Marc Jacobs' favorite gay Filipino fashion blogger barfed. Well, haters, Us wrote that Conrad has "won... a wide array of fans," so there. Their source? Oh, that would be Conrad herself, repeating something someone else told her: