Bryan Cranston Reads to Kids: "You Have to Fucking Eat"

Jay Hathaway · 11/12/14 02:10PM

Bryan Cranston summons up everything he's learned playing both a genial dad and a meth-cooking, family-destroying megalomaniac for his latest challenging performance: Narrating the audiobook of You Have to Fucking Eat.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Run a "Barely Legal" Pawn Shop

Jay Hathaway · 08/19/14 04:58PM

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul got the old band—and by "band" I mean "crystal meth operation"—back together for a fake pawn shop reality show to promote the upcoming Emmys. 2013 Best Actress in a Comedy Julia Louis-Dreyfus also appears, playing 1996 Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Bryan Cranston Has No Idea What a Badonkadonk Is

Jay Hathaway · 05/06/14 08:56AM

The object of Jimmy Fallon's "Word Sneak" game is to work some preassigned random words into a conversation as seamlessly as possible. But for Bryan Cranston to do that, he'd have to know what a badonkadonk is. Which he clearly does not.

Breaking Bad Stars Arrived To Last Night's Premiere in an RV

Camille Dodero · 07/25/13 01:00PM

Vince Gilligan's exquisitely developed Breaking Bad is so unassailably good that even the show's promotional bonanza is terrific. The premiere is two-and-a-half weeks away and we've already seen a generally endearing Bryan Cranston GQ cover profile, an Aaron Paul late-night "bitch" tribute, and particularly excellent Comic-Con stunt in which Bryan Cranston went incognito in a silicon mask of his own face.

Breaking Bad Script Stolen From Bryan Cranston's Car

Taylor Berman · 03/25/13 10:56PM

Depending on how you feel about spoilers, this could be bad news or good: Last December, someone broke into Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston's car in Albuquerque, where the show is filmed, stealing the actor's bag containing an iPad and a copy of a Breaking Bad script from one of the show's final episodes.

Breaking Bad: Over the Top and Loving It

Rich Juzwiak · 09/03/12 06:15PM

During this season of Breaking Bad, the first half of the show's fifth and final, Walter and Skyler White asked her sister Marie and her DEA agent husband Hank to accept increasingly outlandish (and fraudulent) behavior wholesale. Walter had a fake breakdown in Hank's office so that he could plant a microphone in it. Skyler, meanwhile, freaked out at Marie (in the instantly meme-worthy, "Shut up!" outburst) and then went seemingly catatonic in a pool during Walter's 51st birthday dinner. A cover-up so ridiculous hasn't been devised since Walter's Season 2 "fugue state" nonsense. All these lies have been in service of making the couple appear to be socially acceptable messes, and not the outlaw messes that they actually are.

Lunchtime Poll: Did the Season Premiere of Breaking Bad Satisfy?

Rich Juzwiak · 07/16/12 11:45AM

Last night's Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad was mostly low-key, aside from the caper above, in which Walter and Jesse attempt to wipe out a laptop's hard drive with magnets from outside of where it's being held as evidence. ("Yeah, bitch! Magnets! Oh!")

Everybody Loves Chris

Richard Lawson · 03/30/11 04:33PM

Apparently Chris Brown, bellicose pop star, still has plenty of fans. Also today: the return of Dana Delaney and Nancy Travis makes us feel like it's 1994 all over again, Bryan Cranston gets a major role, and Kyle Chandler mulls his next move.