Here Are Even More Famous People From Your Yearbooks

Leah Finnegan · 01/02/15 02:00PM

Happy New Year! Apparently a fun new year activity for many Gawker readers is uploading pictures of famous people from their yearbooks or Google Images. Therefore, we have compiled yet another compendium of all-star yearbook photos for you to peruse. Look at all these shining little faces before they made it big. Some of them look the same because they only graduated high school two years ago. Lol.

Kyle Mooney Shows His Subtle Genius on Cameron Diaz-Hosted SNL

Dayna Evans · 11/23/14 11:05AM

Last night's Thanksgiving episode of SNL was hosted by Cameron Diaz and featured musical guest Bruno Mars, and while both actress and performer were entertaining (Bruno Mars sure knows his way around a stage), the best sketch of the show was a subtle digital short featuring the always hilarious Kyle Mooney.

Here is a Video of Famous People Dancing at the Grammys in Order of Decreasing Emotional Investment

Kate Bennert · 02/11/13 08:38AM

If we learned anything from the Grammys last night it was that Taylor Swift had the best time and Jay-Z didn't really give a shit. But not everyone could identify with one of those two extremes. In fact, one might say emotional investment at the Grammys existed on more of a spectrum. So in between your Taylors Swifts and your Jay-Zs you had your gum-chewing Adeles and your eye-rolling Lena Dunhams. But in the words of LL Cool J, "hashtag the Grammys hashtag equals hashtag music" and music brings people together. So despite the very different levels of enjoyment, at least everyone kind-of-sort-of danced to Bruno Mars last night.

A Virtual Party Report from the 'Time 100' Gala

Brian Moylan · 04/27/11 02:50PM

Last night Time magazine had their big fancy shindig for its "100 Most Influential" list and many of the anointed showed up to Jazz at Lincoln Center to be rich, famous, and beautiful together.

Our invitation must have been lost in the mail, but we did send fictional freelancer Betsey Morgenstern to ask everyone some questions. No one responded to her querulous queries, but we have to print something, so here is what she asked everyone.

Anne Hathaway and the Sisterhood of the Terrible Pants

Adrian Chen · 01/30/11 11:11AM

What is wrong with Anne Hathaway's pants? A few Charlie Sheen tidbits. New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight officially comes out. Come, explore Prince William and Kate Middleton's Scotland. Sunday Gossip Roundup makes it all better.

Glee: The Canonization of St. Kurt

Brian Moylan · 11/24/10 01:20PM

The cast of Glee is full of characters that are lovably unlikable. Except for Babygay Kurt. He is perfect in every way. And in case you didn't realize that, there was an entire episode to drive the point home.

After Failing Her Drug Test, Lindsay Lohan Went Partying

Maureen O'Connor · 09/20/10 08:45AM

Lindsay Lohan spent Yom Kippur atoning and partying. George Clooney meets his girlfriend's parents. Bruno Mars arrested for drug possession. Tom Cruise's Top Gun love interest gets gay-married.