David Geffen's Quasi-Undiscovered Instagram Is Mostly Extremely Boring

Jordan Sargent · 05/16/16 02:05PM

Entertainment mogul David Geffen has a fascinating interior life. As an old billionaire, he has constantly afforded himself the best young, muscular ass money can buy, and that has tended to get him wrapped up in the juiciest of tabloid dramas. For instance, in 2014 he had to file a restraining order against his 20-year-old football-playing ex-boyfriend, and last year a porn star testified that he would “fear for his safety” if he revealed to the FBI that Geffen had paid for some dental work.

Bruce Springsteen Has Been Shitting on His Biggest Fan Chris Christie Since Time Immemorial

Andy Cush · 09/01/15 03:23PM

Like the narrator of the Bruce Springsteen classic “I’m Goin’ Down,” Chris Christie just can’t stop lovin’ somebody who doesn’t seem to love him back. Except in Christie’s case, it’s not the dying flame of an old relationship he wants, but the love of Bruce Springsteen himself. Recently unearthed emails show that the New Jersey governor’s adoration has gone unrequited since long before Bruce Springsteen or anyone else even knew who Chris Christie was.

Fanatical Bruce Springsteen Fan Throws Embarrassing Fit on Stage

Andy Cush · 08/20/14 11:23AM

At an event yesterday in Long Branch, NJ, a crazed Bruce Springsteen fan with a microphone—who knows who gave it to him—spoke for a while, then took questions from the audience. When an attendee disputed the middle-aged man's supposed relationship with the Boss, however, things went awry.

Let's Put Ronald Reagan On All the Money

Ken Layne · 06/03/13 12:00PM

A dumb new poll proves that 38% of Americans still believe Ronald Reagan was a "great" president—so great, in fact, that his dyed hair and rouged cheeks should be on American money! Of the last six presidents, Reagan's the clear winner in this hypothetical contest. Maybe because he's the only dead one?

Chris Christie Cried After Getting a Hug From Bruce Springsteen, Is Still Totally & Weirdly Obsessed

Taylor Berman · 11/06/12 12:54AM

These days, Bruce Springsteen fandom is like a rite of passage for middle-aged politicians/political pundits. But no one, not even David Brooks in Europe, comes close to Hurricane Sandy breakout star Chris Christie's obsession. Dude has reportedly seen Springsteen live over 130 times and is known to enter a prayer-like trance/fall asleep during the Boss's concerts.

Against The Rising

John Cook · 09/07/11 01:33PM

Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising has become, as the tenth anniversary of the attacks that inspired it approaches, the closest thing we have to an official soundtrack to 9/11. It is the “soaring musical statement” of that day’s impact on our national psyche, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s music critic. New Yorkers selected it in a poll conducted by WNYC as one of the top three records they want to hear on the radio on the anniversary. High school teachers are using it to evoke the visceral pain and confusion of that day for their clueless students. The problem with this is that The Rising is a terrible, bad, no-good record that cheapens us all.

The Boss Busks in Boston

Seth Abramovitch · 09/02/11 01:36AM

If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that Bruce Springsteen is a national treasure and all-around awesome human being who everyone loves, except maybe Michele and Marcus Bachmann, because she's an awful person and Marcus is also an awful person who prefers Pet Shop Boys and maybe some early Erasure. Sweet. Glad that's all settled. So here's some video of Bruce just hanging out on Thursday in the Boston Public Gardens, strumming on a guitar he'd borrowed from a local busker. The Boston Herald hypothesizes that Springsteen was in town to drop his son Evan off at Boston College. To which I say "Cool! Bruce! You're the best!" And also: "Hey, guy who keeps talking? Shut the hell up! We're trying to hear Bruce Springsteen play the guitar over here." []

'Big Man' Clarence Clemons Dies

Max Read · 06/19/11 08:49AM

Saxophonist Clarence Clemons, the "Big Man" of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, died on Saturday of complications from a stroke he suffered earlier this month.