You Can Buy Bruce Lee's Old Workout Crap Right Now

Hamilton Nolan · 10/25/13 10:43AM

Right this very minute, you can navigate to a website and place a bid for a chance to own an authentic old jumprope or dirty pair of sneakers or even a punching bag, punched by the actual fists of Bruce Lee.

Here Is Bruce Lee Beating Up Racist Writer John Derbyshire, Who Has Cancer

Maureen O'Connor · 04/09/12 10:15AM

This weekend racist pundit John Derbyshire lost his column at the National Review for being more direct with his racism than that magazine allows. We reached out to Derbyshire and Taki's Magazine executive editor Mandolyna Theodoracopulos, who is ostensibly responsible for publishing Derb's racist article, for comment. Mandolyna, the daughter of Taki's Magazine namesake and "soi disant anti-semite" Taki Theodoracopulos, responded thusly: