Paranoia Is the New Black

cityfile · 05/14/09 10:41AM

Panic rooms have been all the rage the last few months as ridiculously wealthy New Yorkers prepare for an end-of-days scenario out of a low-budget horror movie. (Of course, some people were paranoid long before the recession came along; hedge fund tycoon Bruce Kovner, for example, is rumored to have the only safe room in NYC capable of protecting him in a dirty bomb or chemical weapons attack and he had that installed years ago.) Have you made the necessary arrangements to guarantee that you'll be okay if things take a turn for the worse and angry mobs start roaming the streets? It's never too late to ensure your home is "secure, stylish and comfortable"! Emphasis on "secure," naturally. [HalogenLife]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 02/25/09 07:50AM

Furrier, social fixture, and permanent PETA target Dennis Basso turns 55 today. Téa Leoni is turning 43. Chelsea Handler is 34. Reclusive billionaire hedge fund manager Bruce Kovner is 64. Longtime CBS newsman Bob Schieffer is turning 72. Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell is 43. Actress Rashida Jones is turning 33. Actor Sean Astin is 38. Julio Iglesias, Jr., the son of Julio and brother of Enrique, is turning 36. Sally Jesse Raphael is 74. And Carrot Top turns 44 today.

Why Are The Sun's Backers Getting Cold Feet?

cityfile · 09/04/08 07:25AM

Last night, word emerged that The Sun, the right-leaning daily founded by Ira Stoll and Seth Lipsky in 2002, may end up shutting down at the end of the month if the company doesn't find additional investors willing to step in. The Sun has had financial problems since day one and it never made much headway in the circulation department. This time, though, it looks like it could be the end of the line: The paper even posted an account of its problems on its website. (Perhaps in the hope that another super-conservative, Jewish billionaire will turn up with his checkbook.) So why are the Sun's current backers—including Bruce Kovner, Tom Tisch, and Michael Steinhardt, left—giving up? They've got plenty of other stuff to worry about, that's why.

Bruce Kovner

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:32PM

Kovner is the founder of Caxton Associates, a hedge fund with more than $16 billion under management. He's one of the world's most powerful—and secretive—hedge fund moguls.