Anonymous Vows to ID Michael Brown's Killer

Adam Weinstein · 08/13/14 02:10PM

Cyberactivists associated with Anonymous say they plan to publicly identify the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown over the weekend, and they also promised to release emergency dispatch recordings related to the killing this afternoon.

Sorry, Those Topless Photos of Emma Watson Are Fake

Adrian Chen · 11/07/10 10:51AM

Sorry, no nude Emma Watson pics. Is The Situation's brother riding on his coattails? Lily Allen's in the hospital and Danielle Staub is dating a dude and a woman at the same time. Sunday Gossip Roundup does not disappoint.

Warning Snooki: Your New Boyfriend Pulled a Shotgun on an Ex

Adrian Chen · 08/28/10 09:39AM

Snooki's new boyfriend is a menace! Chris Brown loses again. Wanna know what it's like to do a sex scene with George Clooney? Hailey Glassman wants a job. Lilo wants a role. Saturday's Gossip Roundup wants a piece of toast.

Ivy Leaguers Now Networking With Their Peon, Bush-League Bretheren

Foster Kamer · 10/03/09 01:30PM

Sign That Shit's Bad: Ivy League alum deigning to include the previously excluded, those wannabe-Ivy guttertrash punks! What used to be considered a step above Chico State now makes the cut for scholastic Blue-Blooded's get-togethers. What gives? Introducing Ivy Plus.

In Which Thomas Friedman is Hit With a Pie

Pareene · 04/23/08 05:34PM

Reliably wrong New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was hit by a pie at Brown yesterday. There's a video! And also a leaflet. The leaflet is transcribed below, because we're sure you all want to know why Thomas Friedman was hit by pies. Oddly it had nothing to do with his mustache or defamation of cab drivers around the world. If a leaflet is not enticement enough, a clip of the pieing is after the jump.

Facebook chat beta required a 1500 SAT score, or at least a legacy

Nicholas Carlson · 04/09/08 11:20AM

Facebook Chat launched in beta earlier this week, available first to students at Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Berkeley, Brown, Dartmouth and MIT— schools known for their brilliant graduates who go out and change the world. Or at least make a lot of money. Or write nasty things about the people who do. Also: Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Berkeley, Brown, Dartmouth and MIT were the first schools to make Facebook popular, having been the first networks allowed access Mark Zuckerberg's creation. So we have that to thank them for too. Harvard's Alexander Konrad begins to earn our forgiveness, panning the new feature in the Crimson.

TV Reporter Attacked By Racist Crowd In South Carolina

Hamilton Nolan · 03/12/08 09:22AM

Oh, this is just bad. A black female reporter in South Carolina was standing on a street covering a crime story when she was attacked by an entire white family, yelling racial slurs [CNN]. The reporter, Charmayne Brown, was thrown down on the ground, punched, and, it appears, strangled a bit. The entire attack was caught on tape by another (white) TV crew on the scene. Which raises the point: WAY TO JUMP IN AND STOP THE ATTACK, RIVAL TV CAMERA CREW. Jesus. News is a rough business. The entire ugly video is below—Brown's own (black) cameraman helped pull her to safety, and she is fine.

Brown U. Wannabe Writer Misses Phenomdom By A Hair

Emily Gould · 12/05/06 10:20AM

Sophia Choukas-Bradley has been paying attention — not just to her professors at Brown, but to the current literary landscape. She knows that to have a truly impressive writing career — like a Foer brother or a Nick McDonell or a Marisha Pessl — you have to sell yourself based on that most valuable and fleeting of commodities: your precious talent youth. So she was completely correct to freak out as her 20th birthday approached:

How to Have a Sulzbergerian Career

Jesse · 02/23/06 03:46PM

It's damned hard to find decent, interesting writing jobs these days, as we all know. And it's even hard for recent graduates of prestigious Ivy League schools.