In Praise of Television's Bad Mothers

Brian Moylan · 09/01/09 11:39AM

While we weren't loving last night's uneven season finale of Weeds, we were loving Nancy Botwin's parenting skills—or lack thereof. Who wants to be raised by a boring stroller-pusher when you can have someone to bring the crazy?

Excitable ABC Now Firing Cast Members On ALL Its Shows

Kyle Buchanan · 02/11/09 07:45PM

In this economy, ABC can't afford to only let go every gay, gay-adjacent, or gay-hating actor on Grey's Anatomy. Other ABC series are feeling the burn, and two newly departing actors were announced today.

Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Time To Upset The Wife

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/29/08 11:15AM

Balthazar Getty anxiously paced the arrivals section of LAX on Monday. The Lost Highway star said that usually his wife picks him up from the airport, but since all the recent nastiness involving Getty and British bicycle Sienna Miller, she might be getting some revenge on him by leaving him stranded. Getty said, "What's that line from Airplane? Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue? Well, replace 'glue' with 'cheating on my wife' and that about sums this situation up." Getty paced around awhile before hopping on an Enterprise Rent-A-Car shuttle.