Zac Efron Is About to Get Sexually Thrilling

Richard Lawson · 05/13/11 04:09PM

I know you never thought it possible, but little Troy Bolton is about to get sexual and thrilling, all at once. Also today: tons of TV news about renewals and cancellations, plus a sexy little companion piece to the Efron news.

Brothers and Sisters: Rebecca Says Goodbye

Erica Hyman · 10/18/10 10:21AM

After a year-long separation and divorce from Justin, Rebecca decided to cut ties with him and the Walker clan and head off to New York City. In typical Brothers and Sisters fashion, it's sad, overly-sentimental, and might make you teary.

Relieved 'Brothers & Sisters' Creator Jon Robin Baitz Leaves L.A. Hoping It Burns To The Ground

seth · 01/02/08 01:20PM

Playwright and Brothers & Sisters EP Jon Robin Baitz has spilled out his feelings about being "ousted, not fired, an important distinction," from the series he created, though he fails to mention what that distinction is. (We think one ends with the extension of a middle finger and the sound of a door slamming, and the other precedes those with a farewell dinner at Chaya.) Baitz covers a lot of ground in his 5000-word meditation (and that's just part two!) on what it means to leave Hollywood for New York's always-welcoming, rodent-infested embrace, recalling behind-the-scenes power struggles—no McChokeyGates, thank heavens, but Rob Lowe did tend to get pissy if you failed to tell him how nice he looks at the table reads—to his online dating adventures in the "world capital of loneliness." (Baitz obviously a man who never wintered in Bydgoszcz, Poland.) And as for its treatment of the gracefully aging, well—for shame, L.A., for shame: