Bros Who Like Hooking Up With Girls on Spring Break Have Endorsed a Candidate

Gabrielle Bluestone · 04/11/16 03:00PM

Historically, America’s unironic pinney-wearers, people who know all the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline,” and 19 year-olds named Chad have had only the stories their dads told them about Ronald Reagan and Chuck Norris jokes to inspire them each election cycle. But this year, in Donald Trump, lacrosse players and beer-pong champions alike have finally found a candidate to stand up for them, the underdogs.

My Super Spring Break: Watching This Holiday Inn Pool Cam All Day

Sam Biddle · 03/06/15 05:35PM

If you haven't yet lost the will to live, what are you waiting for? Scared? Afraid of ending up in Hell? Afraid everyone in Hell will find out you're a big baby? In any event, heaven exists here on Earth: It's a live streaming feed of poolside bros at a Holiday Inn.

No Doesn't Mean No, Says CEO Bro, But That's Not What He Meant

Dan Lyons · 01/14/15 01:14PM

Suhail Doshi, who will from now on forever be known as Suhail Bro-shi, is a co-founder and CEO of Mixpanel, a data analytics startup, and like so many world-changing startup bros before him he has a way of saying things that some overly sensitive people might misunderstand or misconstrue or take completely out of context. In this case, these hyperactive reactionaries got all bent out of shape just because Suhail Doshi got up someplace and said that, "No doesn't mean no ... no just means not yet."

David Brooks’ Son Is a Gigantic Bro

J.K. Trotter · 10/09/14 10:42AM

New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan caused a medium-sized stir on Wednesday after she scolded conservative op-ed columnist and believer in friendship David Brooks for not disclosing that his college-aged son had enlisted as a “lone soldier” in the Israeli army. On Brooks’ side, John Podhoretz, the son of former Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz, tweeted: “Everybody who thinks David Brooks has to ‘reveal’ his son, who’s 23, has joined the Israeli army can go fuck himself.”

Bros Are Using Drones to Film Their Frat Parties Now

Aleksander Chan · 06/10/14 08:02PM

All that is seemingly evil in this world—frat parties, drones, GoPro cameras being attached to things—have finally converged. The Sigma Nus at Ole Miss threw a "Woodstock Party" and there is now aerial footage of the proceedings, for whatever reason that needed to happen.