How Sony Gets Its Way With the New York Times

Sam Biddle · 12/16/14 07:13PM

The unprecedented internal leak out of Sony has already showed us how cozy reporters can be with the industry they cover. But new hacked emails from Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton, released today and obtained by Gawker, show the company has the power to kill a story altogether.

Who's Winning The Battle Of Hollywood?

Doree Shafrir · 05/30/07 04:50PM

The Wall Street Journal's Brooks Barnes has just been seduced by the New York Times, it'll be announced soon— and also by Los Angeles. From out there, he'll cover the film industry for the New York Times's Biz section. This will be much-needed reinforcement in the paper's battle with the LA Times—for years, New York was gaining an upper hand. But recently, things have not gone well for our hometown paper on that other coast. For one thing, arts and television reporter Edward Wyatt has been dying in Los Angeles.