The Sexual Politics of Playing Mas in Brooklyn

Anthonine Pierre · 04/25/15 01:30PM

With Brooklyn’s spring thaw in full effect, I’m having lots of conversations with my girlfriends about warm weather activities: like long bike rides, picnics in Prospect Park, and, unfortunately, the inevitable uptick in sexualized street harassment. Just last week, I heard myself saying, “I want to be respected in the street no matter what I’m wearing. Even if I’m out on the Parkway in my mas costume. I want respect, dammit.”

Hamilton Nolan · 04/10/15 01:35PM

Brooklyn home prices are up 18% since last year—a time when they were already unaffordable. Explorers in search of "the next Brooklyn" have reached the Himalayan foothills, where they are awaiting mortgages and supplies.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/06/15 04:18PM

Stuart Leaf, a financier, purchased and combined nine separate apartments in a Brooklyn Heights condo building. He is now selling the resulting 11,000-square-foot apartment because it is "too spread out." Stuart, you motherfucker.

Teen Arrested For Brutal Brooklyn McDonald's Beating 

Aleksander Chan · 03/13/15 07:55AM

Police have arrested 16-year-old Aniah Ferguson in connection with a gruesome fight that broke out in a Brooklyn McDonald's Wednesday. In cell phone video that quickly made its way around Facebook, one teen can be seen being battered by a group as a crowd of bystanders scream.

Dead Cherry Tycoon Reportedly Ran One of NYC's Largest Pot Farms

Taylor Berman · 02/27/15 11:30AM

The pot farm owned and operated by Arthur Mondella, the cherry magnate who killed himself on Tuesday, was reportedly among the largest ever discovered in New York City. The New York Times and New York Daily News report that the grow room—located in Dell's Maraschino Cherries Company's basement, behind a hidden door and down a ladder—spanned 2,500 square feet and could harvest up to 1,200 pot plants.

The Best Theater in NYC is Being Performed at a Church in Brooklyn

Dayna Evans · 02/13/15 08:00AM

As you approach the entrance to the church property, eerie noises waft out of its windows. At first, you might think what you're hearing is the native noise of the parsonage house itself—built in 1853, it sits, paint chipping and distressed, adjacent to an overgrown graveyard—but as you get closer, you realize the sound is coming from inside the building. It is the unsettling, sweeping theme from the film Psycho, played on loop.