White Jogger to White Stroller-Pusher: People Like You Live in Brooklyn Because I "Settled" It

Taylor Berman · 09/23/15 10:10AM

In a video purportedly filmed earlier this week in downtown Brooklyn, a white jogger—who may or may not fight for a living and may or may not be able to kill you with one punch—can be seen screaming at a white man pushing a stroller: “The only reason white people like you live here is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you!”

Hamilton Nolan · 09/17/15 08:06AM

Carey Gabay, the New York state government lawyer who was shot randomly a week ago at Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade, has died.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/06/15 10:30AM

A developer is planning to build Brooklyn’s first 1,000-foot condo tower, which could be nearly as tall as the Empire State Building, and will sell fabulously expensive apartments to all the billionaires who want to live in Downtown Brooklyn next to a bunch of Modell’s.

Three Injured After Four-Story Building Collapses in Brooklyn

Taylor Berman · 07/14/15 01:47PM

A four-story building just collapsed at Fulton Street and Tompkins Ave in Brooklyn, according to multiple reports on Twitter. It’s unclear if anyone was trapped inside, though there are reports of at least one victim.

Summer in the City and the Stoop Shrimp Is Looking Good

Dayna Evans · 07/09/15 01:15PM

Stoop shrimp: When you got some shrimp and you put it on the stoop and it’s hot outside and then the shrimp is cooked. Serve it up: Time for some stoop shrimp! You’re gonna love it. I know you will.

90sFest Is Here to Help Brooklyn Babies Forget Inevitability of Death

Andy Cush · 06/18/15 04:30PM

Remember the ‘90s? When you were an innocent incorruptible babe, hermetically sealed from the ills of the world around you, and your mom dragged you to that outdoor John Cougar Mellencamp concert because she couldn’t find a babysitter? And she got a little drunker than she meant to and tried to get you to climb on the picnic table and dance with her like This song has a great beat! but you didn’t want to like Ugh, come ON mom? Now you’re the mom. Congratulations, mom.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/15 03:00PM

Trendsetting neighborhood Williamsburg, Brooklyn will soon have more than half a dozen new hotels, including one with a 30-seat lounge inside a rooftop water tower, “Which might sound like some inspired repurposing, but this is new construction — they’re building a new water tower for the watering hole.”

Hamilton Nolan · 06/15/15 11:55AM

A New York State Supreme Court judge has ruled that Brooklyn’s Pierhouse development—an expensive luxury condo that blocks the public’s view of the Brooklyn Bridge—is not technically illegal, though he conceded that the building could be considered an aesthetic monstrosity.

NYC Skywriter Accidentally Describes Yacht Party Attendees Accurately

Andy Cush · 06/08/15 02:05PM

On Saturday, I joined a few neighbors on the stoop in front of my apartment in gazing toward the sky. “NERO, like from Rome,” said a precocious middle-schooler, referring to the skywriting in progress southwest of our neighborhood. “I don’t know,” an adult countered, European history understandably less fresh in her mind. “I think it says NERD.” I thought so, too.