Jail Diversion Didn't Kill Randolph Holder

Andy Cush · 12/15/15 05:23PM

After the shooting death of NYPD Officer Randolph Holder, New York City’s programs focused on providing offenders with alternatives to prison time have come under new scrutiny, the New York Times reports today. Opponents of these programs are welcome to debate against their merits (they’d be wrong about that too), but they cannot claim in good faith that the programs had a single thing to do with Holder’s death.

Teens May Be Evolving to Become Ruder

Hamilton Nolan · 12/09/15 09:45AM

Teens: America’s greatest danger. Whether roughhousing, vandalizing things, or making snide remarks, groups of teens are reliable terrors. We must now confront the possibility that teens are growing even bolder.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/20/15 03:18PM

Now available for rent in Manhattan: a 360-square-foot “micro-apartment” for $2,750 a month. And in Brooklyn, “5 Great Neighborhoods Where You Can Find a One-Bedroom Under $2,600.” I love this town!

A Reality Show About White Girls in Williamsburg

Allie Jones · 11/09/15 02:08PM

Pardon me—a YouTube reality show about white girls in Williamsburg. There are currently three episodes available online, which show recent graduates and Brooklyn transplants Alex, Sarah, Mel, and Olena “living the dream” in luxury condos off the Bedford stop.