Your Complete Guide to Saving Movie Theater Seats

Brian Moylan · 12/17/09 03:14PM

It's the time of the year when hotly-anticipated prestige pictures clog our tiny art house theaters. I'm laying down some ground rules about movie theater seat saving, because I'm sick of having the film ruined by you assholes.

Penélope Cruz in Almodóvar's 'Hugging: The Movie'

Kyle Buchanan · 02/20/09 03:54PM

The clip is a true teaser in every sense of the word: a lushly scored, dialogue-less series of...well, embraces. Still, it's known that Cruz is playing an actress caught up in a love rectangle, and that Almodóvar is looking to channel the spirit of directors like Nicholas Ray in making this film noir. There are three things that seem to bring out the best in Cruz: Almodóvar, Woody Allen, and Fergie's labia. We can't wait.