Lydia Hearst's Page Six Costume PWNED by Britney

Sheila · 10/31/08 12:01PM

Lydia's Halloween costume is what's killing print. The publishing heiress and model referenced her recent little scandal of quitting her "column" in Page Six magazine by dressing up as the tabloid for a party last night. Cute, Lydia—but Britney Spears wore this exact same costume years and years ago:Update: "I am Lydia's PR. don't you get it? She is being Britany !!!! that was her costume? can't you tell that they are wearing the same outfit? Duh Gawker!!!!" (When we finally get the juice to hire a PRgay, we're gonna go with one who uses periods and questions marks properly?)

What Women Want

hwalker · 03/16/08 05:50PM

Like so many other celebrities, alcoholic anti-Semite Mel Gibson apparently thinks he can help Britney Spears. Mel had dinner with Britney at a Russian restaurant in L.A., and now TMZ is reporting that Gibson and his family have "very privately befriended Britney Spears." The Gibsons reportedly "reached out to Britney during her darkest days" and have been in touch with her ever since "to give her support." I'm sure Mel has lots of great advice and wisdom to offer Britney. It must be comforting and helpful for her to know that the Zionists are responsible for all of her career issues.

Being A Paparazzi Is A Lot Of Work

Hamilton Nolan · 03/06/08 03:46PM

Comedian Orny Adams got an assignment from ET to go out stalking the paparazzi in LA. Well, it's not as much stalking as it is a "bring Orny Adams, documentarian, to work" day for the paps. But if you ever wanted an inside look at the daily grind of tracking Britney Spears (which pays well enough to afford a Lamborghini, apparently), this is a good one. Not that it will inspire you to join the ranks of the stalkers. The full clip, after the jump.

Rumored Restraining Order Latest Episode in Spears Train Wreck

interngreg · 01/20/08 02:08PM

We never thought such a natural pairing could possibly break apart but sadly, the relationship between Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib has come to a close. Naturally, it involves a restraining order filed by the "pop star.". Sam Lufti, Brit's manager guy, showed the document to the photographers helping babysit Britt, the best way to keep something secret. We won't pose any theories as to why Lufti made this move because we don't care. Now, let the circus continue. [Page Six]

Britney Spears Sets A Course For Comeback: A Round-Up

seth · 11/01/07 02:11PM

It's been a strange couple of days in the Drunk-Alice-in-a- Child-Neglecting-Wonderland universe of Britney Spears, whose long-awaited comeback album, "Blackout," released Tuesday to shockingly not horrible notices. (Her parenting skills, on the other hand, scored a solidly red Metacritics 16, the general consensus being that a Praline Ice Blended does "not constitute a suitable replacement for baby formula.") In order to get you up to speed, a Britney round-up:
· First day sales of "Blackout" numbered 124,000, putting her on track to sell around 350,000 units in the first week. That's enough to put her at the top of the Billboard charts—a feat rendered even more amazing when you consider her producers derived the entirety of the album's vocals by digitally fiddling with one usable note. [People]